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  1. daedalus

    EMTs and employment

    There have been numerous threads recently about EMTs looking for employment in California, and elsewhere in the United States. Even more threads about how to pass the NREMT, where to get an ambulance drivers certificate, and questions about scope of practice. There has even been a discussion...
  2. daedalus

    ACEP and the myths of emergency medicine

    Interesting site (definitely is an advocacy organization for the EM speciality, however it is a new take of things after hearing years worth of "there are no real medical emergencies, just back pain at 2 AM" and "emergency rooms are just primary care for the uninsured")...
  3. daedalus

    Paramedics get ultrasound Never heard about this. However, if we are to start getting things like these, well it really makes the case for mandated gross anatomy and human physiology before paramedic school so we know what the...
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    New CPR and other cutting edge techniques in Arizona
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    EKG and PEPP book for sale

    Basic Arrhythmia by Gail Walraven - Suggested retail: 70.00 USD This copy is brand new and I never used it in school. I used Dubin instead. The pages and...
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    The role of the volunteer EMS provider---

    (title continued) in the rapidly changing landscape of emergency medical care and medical care in general. What will it be? Dr Whitecoat *fantastic blog, check it out* posted: More of the post here To be honest, the blog post is not about volunteer...
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    Thoughts on prehospital cardiac makers How would this work in your area if we had a i-STAT device for rapid detection of cardiac enzymes and other chemicals in the blood? Any foreseen value in patient outcome?
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    Acute shortness of breath

    *I am setting up this case scenario from a real case study. Diagnose the patient, I do not care about treatment. We all know he would get oxygen and transport. * You are dispatched to a residence for a 48 year old white male for severe shortness of breath and some chest pain. You find him in a...
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    "Allergic reaction? Call an ambulance" says CNN We all know this to be false. Do you see how a lot of America is fooled into believing that most ambulances are staffed by paramedics? Do you think this is fair to the public?
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    PAs in the field

    Because it is increasingly clear that Paramedics do not want to take on the role, how do you feel about using PAs in the field to provide on scene medical direction on critical calls, and, to respond to low acuity calls to resolve them without having to tie up an ED bed? Examples- prescribing...
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    Does anyone know the origins of the word and how it came to be used to describe the people it does?
  12. daedalus

    NIBP on ALC/CCT transfers

    At my company, we have Zoll monitors for our CCT program. They are horrible at obtaining blood pressures even just walking down the hall in a hospital, never mind the back of the rig moving down the freeway. It is also very difficult to obtain a manuel blood pressure in the back of our CCT unit...
  13. daedalus

    How do you approach your assessment

    The often claimed "most important thing in EMS" (I agree) is the patient assessment. How do you approach it? I have taken the proper method in stride so I do not have to relearn later. I do this on every prehospital call in the same order: General information (age, sex, ethnicity) quick scan...
  14. daedalus

    Loma Linda BS Paramedicine

    Has anyone heard of their Emergency Medicine BS program for paramedics? The curriculum look amazing and is shared with some medical school classes. I might transfer over there to finish undergrad and apply to PA or Med school after. Here are some of the required courses: AHCJ 305...
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    As we are moving away from calling Paramedics "EMT-Paramedics" to reflect the fact that what we do is not technician level, I feel that we should discuss possible alternatives for our post-nominals. As Jon Smith, EMT-P is pretty much the only post-nominal we have, what do you think it should be...
  16. daedalus

    The story of a Los Angeles EMT It is a great article.
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    Time to defib

    This thread is to discuss news on the Michael Jackson case. I ask that we all place our opinions of him (good or bad) side so that we can learn from it. I was watching CNN, and cannot find a link, but they are saying that the cardiologist at Jackson's house found him with "a weak pulse and no...
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    Amazing pharmacology podcasts

    By Dr. GUY Also: ICU Rounds
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    dopamine question

    This is a pretty dumb question, when calculating the gtts/min rate for a dopamine infusion, are you assuming you are using 10gtt tubing? Our program director allows us to use the formula: mcg x kg x 0.37 = gtts/min IIf anyone else is using this formula, could you enlighten me as to what the...
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    Ignore list

    Are we able to add users to an ignore list? Sometimes I think it would cut down on inflammatory posting if some people could block those that easily offend them.