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  1. Brandon O

    Prehospital antibiotics

    As this topic has come up before, for your interest: No benefit on mortality. Not very long transport times though.
  2. Brandon O

    The Critical Care Advice Column: AMA

    Hi all, This is a open thread for anybody with questions about critical care. Have a patient scenario to discuss? Confused about a drug or some physiological mechanism? I guarantee I will answer anything to the best of my ability. (Of course, others are welcome to chime in too!) My only caveat...
  3. Brandon O

    Yes, EMS can do research too Article in a major emergency medicine journal, authored by an EMT and four medics. Three work at private services. Lead author is a Basic. Suck it, establishment! (Did I say that out loud?) Now, someone else publish the next one!
  4. Brandon O

    Skin prep for electrodes

    Does anyone carry anything to prep for ECGs other than alcohol? Benzoin, Mastisol, etc?
  5. Brandon O

    What's hard about basic science?

    What basic science concepts -- e.g. in chemistry, biology, physics -- have you found most important for understanding physiology and medicine? In other words, what principles and mechanisms keep showing up at the core of clinical topics? And which have you found most challenging or confusing to...
  6. Brandon O

    Orthostatic/postural vital signs

    Thought this could be a worthwhile topic. How many of you are assessing postural vitals out there, and if so, how are you doing it (and to whom)?
  7. Brandon O

    Dispatch calling your personal cell

    A recent thread got me thinking. How do you guys feel about dispatch calling you on your personal cell phone to get in touch -- even when you never gave it to them or authorized its use? This is a fairly common practice that I've seen, usually when they're having trouble reaching you on the...
  8. Brandon O

    DC area private services

    Hi all, Anybody have any experience with private services around DC? (Including DC, MD, VA, wherever.) I'm gonna be living in the district starting tomorrow, and have a gig lined up at Hopkins that won't start until October, so I need some temporary work and am considering hustling as a Basic...
  9. Brandon O

    Neuro assessment

    I just had a reader request an article for my site discussing field neuro exams. Anybody have any specific questions, confusions, or issues they'd be interested in seeing addressed regarding this?
  10. Brandon O

    Arctic flight medicine Prettttty...
  11. Brandon O

    Telling stories to non-medical folks

    What's your approach when you get the cocktail party question? "What's the craziest/grossest/etc thing you ever seen?"
  12. Brandon O

    EMS/medical quotes

    Anybody else a quote fan? I like to collect 'em. Nothing's wiser than pithiness and it's a nice way to remember why we're doing the whole medicine thingamajig. Share 'em if you've got 'em! Here's a few... May I never see in the patient anything but a fellow creature in pain. -- Oath...
  13. Brandon O

    BP by needle bounce is older than your silly auscultation

    Given how much time is spent telling new folks not to take blood pressures using palpation, and certainly not by looking at the bouncing needle, I thought this historical note from the early days of hemodynamic monitoring (at the turn of the 20th century) was amusing...
  14. Brandon O

    Journal Club #3: Marcus et al. Utility of Gestures in Chest... Am J Med 2007

    Marcus GM, Cohen J, Varosy PD, et al. The utility of gestures in patients with chest discomfort. Am J Med. 2007 Jan;120(1):83-9. Fun little one for the holiday season. What do you think? Answer one of the below if you can! What's the question we're looking at? Why do we care in EMS...
  15. Brandon O

    Journal Club #2: Otten et al. Comparison of BVM Hand techniques... Ann Emerg Med 2013

    Otten D, Liao MM, Wolken R, et al. Comparison of Bag-Valve-Mask Hand-Sealing Techniques in a Simulated Model. Ann Emerg Med. 2013 Aug 9. pii: S0196-0644(13)00693-8. doi: 10.1016/j.annemergmed.2013.07.014. [Epub ahead of print] Everyone's encouraged to participate -- ask questions, share your...
  16. Brandon O

    Journal Club #1: Goto et al. Effects of prehospital epinephrine... Critical Care 2013

    Hi folks! There's been talk about starting a forum journal club. If you're not familiar, journal clubs are a longstanding practice in clinical and academic settings; odds are your local hospital or med school has a few. Basically, it's nothing more than a group that meets periodically to...
  17. Brandon O

    Cluster headaches and oxygen

    Anybody have any experience using O2 to manage a patient with cluster headaches? Maybe a long shot due to the rarity, I know... A bit of background:
  18. Brandon O

    ACOs and community paramedicine

    We've all probably heard this stuff discussed to death, but I just attended a lecture that summarized the ACA changes along with some proposals for filling in the gaps that made 10000% more sense than anything else I've heard. It really resonated with me, answered many of my objections, and got...
  19. Brandon O

    Obtaining consent for C-spine

    Hi all, I wanted to put an idea out for discussion and comments -- good, bad, or otherwise. Does anybody currently try to obtain informed consent from conscious and capable patients prior to C-spine immobilization? I know that in most cases, we're not huge on explicitly consenting in EMS...
  20. Brandon O

    Portland, ME

    Does anyone have experience working as a Basic in the Portland area? I'll be moving up there soon for school and am considering some per diem employment on the side to scratch the itch.