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  1. foxfire

    chronic Hep B in the healthcare system

    Ok, so I was listening to one of my classmates research paper on infectous diseases and how we can run the risk of exposure and how to avoid being exposed and so on. The thought hit me that she did not mention anything about after the exposure. So I chose one disease and did a little research on...
  2. foxfire

    EMS competition Omaha,NE

    Just wondering if anyone is going to be at the EMS competition in Omaha,NE this weekend. There are teams from all over the US coming, and thought it would be cool to maybe meet some EMT-lifers there. I am on a team along with several other classmates.
  3. foxfire

    can a lifeguard really swim?

    Had a interesting question thrown at me while lifeguarding today. A older gentleman asked me if I and the other lifegaurd knew how to swim. :huh: I thought he was joking but he was completely serious. He could not figure out how we were going to be able to rescue him if we could not swim. And he...