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    Air methods and TriState
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    Pediatric Unconscious

    You respond to a 2 Yo, 12kg, Unconscious but slightly responds to painful stimuli. According to the Mother the child has been sick for the past 4 days, with Nausea Vomiting and Diarrhea. Also the child has not been eating or drinking fluid for the past 36 hours. Mom also tells you that the...
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    Hey All, I just emailed Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) but I was hoping that maybe one of my friends here also has some info on Belize EMS. I will be traveling (Vacation) down to Belize in November and was wondering if anyone has had an interaction with anyone from BERT. Looking to...
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    ECG Podcast Help finding

    Hey everyone.. Dr. Mattu (at least I think it was) put out a podcast awhile back speaking about Sgarbossa criteria, it was a three part podcast if I remember right. I have been searching google for it and I have not been able to find it. It talks about the use of Sgarbossa and why it isnt...
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    How many agencies are requiring Paramedics to take NIHSS certification? If you are, are you currently involved in a pre-hospital stroke study? Reasoning for this is I was just required to do it. I will say this, even if you are not required I do highly recommend doing the training as there...
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    It's official-kinda (Sarasota, Florida)

    Just spoke to the other half who is down in Florida right now for a job interview and she took a job in Sarasota, Florida. So I guess now we are moving down there in mid March. The fun part now begins: looking for a medic job near there, a place to live, and figure out how to get the house...
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    Father attacks ambulance vehicle trying to rescue his son whose legs were severed by a train

    Father attacks ambulance vehicle trying to rescue his son whose legs were severed by a train after celebrating his 18th birthday
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    Man being rushed to hospital stopped for speeding lets have a little discussion regarding this.
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    Army or Navy?

    Just thought with everything that is happening this week, that this should be discussed, well maybe a little love hate between branches. I do ask everyone to keep this clean so the admins do not get mad at us, please be tactful with your replies. I will start it off, GO ARMY!!! BEAT NAVY!!!!!
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    12 Leads

    So I was just looking in the Case Study, and someone posted a case review of a possible cardiac with a 12 lead. The 12 lead showed about 1mm ST elevation in the Inferior leads, and personally I would be doing Right Side Leads on the patient to confirm it is just inferior and not Right Side...
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    P - MD/DO/PA???

    Hey everyone, So I know many of us have thought about this, just wondering how many people are doing this, and what has the easiest transition from Paramedic to higher level of care. I am not saying which has the easiest schools or anything like that. Thanks Everyone
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    4th of July

    So who will be working? Who will be drinking? And who will be running away from all the crazy people this 4th of July.
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    Little help

    So here is the situation, my wife is finishing school with a biology degree in December. She wants to work wildlife rehabilitation, either Refuge, rehab center, or zoo. Also I'll be completely done with my Paramedic in November. Any help on locations would be a great help! Thank you all
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    Funny Army Story

    So talking to a guy that was getting ready to apply for paramedic school. He was in the Army for 6 years. Back in 2004 when he enlisted he wanted to be a medic but they told him (recruiter) that there is currently no open slots for Combat Medics, but there is an opening as a Bang Bang (11b...
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    22 children wounded in china from stabbing Truly a sad day
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    Ski Patrol

    Who is all working ski patrol this season? Are you paid or volunteer where you working? I just got hired on paid in idaho
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    cedar rapids, iowa area

    does anyone know of possible employment in the area, hospital ift fire ems.. anything really.... there is a very very good chance i will be moving to the area within the next 6 months
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    Risk taking

    So, as some of you know, i recently got off active duty with the army. One of the Female medics in my unit is now off of active duty and back home. I am planning a trip to go and see her in Iowa. Here is the crazy part she wants to do a long distance relationship and have me move there when I...
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    Fellow Firefighter/EMT

    Hey Everyone, this is one of my fellow firefighter/emt's. Spread the news please, currently our fire house is going through a difficult time with one of our own. Thanks Everyone