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  1. DrankTheKoolaid

    Video Laryngoscopy

    Just curious how many 911 providers are utilizing video laryngoscopy in their systems. Not looking at flight or CCT, just solely 911. If you are which device are you using?
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    California doctors saves life with knife and pen

    Old school style
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    AMR orientation

    Curious if anyone can tell me what the AMR San Mateo academy entails.
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    Course Logistics

    So this month I became certified to teach PALS, ACLS, PHTLS and a course coordinator/instructor for PEPP, still waiting on approval for NRP. I have the logistics down for all but the PHTLS. Well I have it down but I want to streamline more. Any other instructors care to chat in PM about...
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    California Paramedic Regulations

    Just a quick heads up to all the Paramedics in California. The second round of draft regulations have come up for public review. If you can please given them a read and have your discussion with your Medical Directors if you have any concerns. Remember, if you don't try to fix something...
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    Non Diabetic Hypoglycemic

    Had an interesting call recently. Get called for unknown medical. Arrive on scene and receive report from patient spouse in driveway before entering residence that patient 60's YO F with a history of cervical CA and a recent Paracentesis (first incident of abdominal distention) drawing 3L off...
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    Air ambulance banned from travelling to U.S. Can you say oops
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    Working in Qatar

    Anyone have any working knowledge of Qatar? And more importantly on IHR Canada? Saw a job Posting for a Paramedic position and was curious.
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    ISTM information

    So leaving to Palm Springs for the ISTM Tactical Medic module A&B in January. Already read up on the CA EMSA requirements and am reading a course handout from 2008 already. My question is, has anyone else attended this recently have any suggested reading I could be doing. I'm prior military...
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    [Separated] Give drugs to drug seekers

    Amazing how much of a struggle it has been to get people to treat pain at my service, thankfully all but 1 or 2 have come around. "But they looked fine" or "I could live with that pain" or "He got better while enroute" is the typical excuse while still noting 8/7/6 - 10 pain in the VS ...
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    Transition Course

    So has anyone found any other information on the NREMT-P to NRP transition course, other then what was in NREMT's latest flyer giving the educational guidelines? Anyone actually see a course description / outline yet? And I am talking Paramedic to Paramedic not Aemt to Paramedic
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    NREMT Advanced Pratice Paramedic

    Anyone else receive the survey from NREMT reguarding Advanced Practice Paramedics?
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    NAEMSE Instructor Course

    Just went to the Instructor course in Berkeley this week. Wow that Chris Nollette is a phenomenal speaker. Wasn't as heavy on lesson plans as i hoped but a TON of great information. Cant wait to take the instructor 2 course! Were any of you there by chance?
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    San Francisco FD

    Anybody else testing for SFFD H3 paramedic next week? Was expecting a packet or something with some idea of what to expect... be it there local protocols or whatever but never received anything. Called today to confirm and the FD person said it will just be general knowledge similiar to the...
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    Why all the negativity

    Why is it the people that run this forum allow the repeated and continual negative posting about EMT's? Isnt the name of this forum EMTlife? I dont remember it being RNlife, RRTlife or I work IFT and want to be a nurse life. We all mostly started out as EMT's and were and still are proud to...
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    New fire popped up here in Trinity County

    Here's a photo after 30 minutes of burning.
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    Worst week as a medic yet

    Day 1. Single vehicle over the bank 25 feet or so, unknown rate of speed with 3 occupants and nobody restrained. I do a quick triage and 1 is walking wounded talking with a CHP officer with a small laceration right forehead with bleeding self limited no other complaint. Second patient is...
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    Finishing Paramedic degree online anywhere?

    Here's my situation. When I initially started taking college courses I was intending on going the RN route. With California now doing the Paramedic to RN upgrade, while I wait out my 4000hr requirement I want to finish my AA/AS in Paramedicine. I currently have all the required RN...
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    Wife cleaning gun - PRANK

    OMG i cant stop freakin laughing at this. Disclaimer, there is a 1 curse word near the end.
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    Cardiac asthma

    uggg..... missed one tonight. 0130 called to male short of breath. Get on scene to find patient well know to myself and and my partner sitting upright in his bed a bit pale, warm and dry speaking 8 - 10 word sentences stating increased SOB began at 1500 with no cp/discomfort or nausea vomiting...