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  1. Rano Pano

    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    Yikes, destroy their career? My only reason for pause is I know the culture of these departments, and how a Captain can make a terrible decision for the entire engine/RA. I would hope this investigation would start with the "leadership" if applicable. Not excusing anything or punishment for the...
  2. Rano Pano

    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    The irony is this department parades itself as being progressive, and achieving high ROSC %.
  3. Rano Pano

    Central Texas ems

    I’m not replying to discredit your opinion. Accounts made just to vent normally don’t hold much weight, so I’d like to address what you’ve said for anyone genuinely interested in ATC. ATCEMS is far from perfect. Their are issues within the department, and the morale is hurting/frustrated. The...
  4. Rano Pano

    Goodbye Delano

    Is not now just Hall and Liberty in Kern?
  5. Rano Pano

    FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs

    Your FTO is trash. Im not surprised as the main CE/FTO was complete trash and as of recent still holding that position.
  6. Rano Pano

    the 100% directionless thread

    Yep, everyone’s hiring.
  7. Rano Pano

    Antero-lateral infarct To Arrest.

    From what you’ve shared it sounds like you did what you or anyone else could of done. Prevented? Probably not the word I’d go with. I’ve had similar situations - ventricular rhythm - TCP going within seconds - they died. Likewise there’s a reason we pace and I’ve also seen great outcomes with...
  8. Rano Pano

    Antero-lateral infarct To Arrest.

    Granted I’m tired so I apologize if I missed this but when exactly did you pace him? Immediately after noticing you had a rate of 30 in a unconscious pt?
  9. Rano Pano

    the 100% directionless thread

    What’s going on with AMR San Diego? Is everyone getting laid off? They ran fine before the city contract so I I’d be surprised if that was true. Is Falck taking people?
  10. Rano Pano

    Elijah McClain - medics charged

    I think we’re seeing in the last several years they do. I don’t agree with it. I don’t think it’s very hard presently to be thrown in a situation with little information and make a incorrect tx or oversight accordingly.
  11. Rano Pano

    Elijah McClain - medics charged

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. When you say “just not the way they went about it here” are you not saying the same thing? I’m not quarterbacking the call for Aurora, Falck or any other provider for that matter but the initial use of Ketamine was clearly inappropriate.
  12. Rano Pano

    Elijah McClain - medics charged

    I understand there’s a few points of the call that have been discussed back and forth in this thread, but does ANYONE actually disagree that ketamine was administered inappropriately due to Elijahs presentation during administration?
  13. Rano Pano

    the 100% directionless thread

    A call and a cancel in four hours and you think you need a break? If McCormick Jim could see you now
  14. Rano Pano

    Did I make a mistake on this call?

    Get a BP before you transport. Even more of a reason you should of tried.
  15. Rano Pano

    EMT School in Austin

    Just for my own curiosity - did you happen to type & search “EMT School Austin TX” in google?
  16. Rano Pano

    What are you listening to?

  17. Rano Pano

    Feel like im useless

    You think you should know everything about everything you don’t have any experience in? Ok
  18. Rano Pano

    I'm new, any recommendations?

    What training did you complete exactly? You saying you’ve been added to dispatch makes me think this isn’t as a good gamaritan, but as a volunteer. Is this correct? Is there no guidelines or medical over site for volunteers?
  19. Rano Pano

    emt reciprocity from CA to NV

    Hi, I came very close to moving to Henderson, NV from CA. If I remember correctly your NREMT will be fine. A quick google search brought up the same site @CALEMT already provided you. The hospitals wouldn’t talk to me until I had my local accreditation. The two ground services on the other hand...
  20. Rano Pano

    EMT and mental health

    Do they do the DOT too? I couldn’t remember. But yes, it counts haha