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    AED Training Powerpoint Needed!

    Hi all, Does anyone have a powerpoint file that they use for AED training? If you do, I need it by 4pm EST (yeah, not a lot of time, I know...). The county is rolling out PCR training, and requesting each department tack an AED refresher on to the end of the county class - we found out...
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    Saved on TNT

    Saved So, who else saw it, what did you think? I think I liked it, I'm going to watch it again later today when my medic gets home (he didn't see it last night). I'm very interested to see future episodes, because it seems like they had a lot of the "good situations" in the first episode...
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    Jet Blue plane with landing gear problems

    Right now there is a Jet Blue plane bound for NY circling LAX with its front landing gear stuck down, FACING SIDEWAYS. Very scary, I'm watching it unfold on FoxNews.
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    No more combitube?

    I just got a cryptic email from one of my Chiefs saying combitube is no longer in protocol in Suffolk County and they have all been removed from our ambulances. No explanation. I know of one anaphylaxis case as a result of combitube use in the County, but that's all I've heard bad or good. My...
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    Congratulations Runindash (Brandon)...

    ...on passing your NREMT-B! Great job!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    EMTLife "Gathering" 2005

    OK, since it doesn't seem like we're getting anywhere with planning this thing, I figured I'd step up and see what we can agree on. We have already said Orlando would be cool for most people, so as of right now, that will be our location. Please either PM me or post your preferences on the...
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    Widow Sues Over Ambulance Response in FL

    As for my topic description... where does it say that ambulance response is a right? Granted, in most places you pay taxes... but you also pay taxes for road repair and street cleaning, and we all know how wonderful those services are...
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    Tennessee EMT Charged in Use of Defibrillator

    I wonder what the heck happened?
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    B) :lol: :D B) :lol: :D B) :lol: :D Happy Birthday Jon!!! :D :lol: B) :D :lol: B) :D :lol: B)
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    Scoppetta: FDNY's Response Time,

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    Indiana Boy Gets Trapped Inside Vending Machine

    From Full text @
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    I need to learn...

    So last night I'm telling medic03 how I haven't flown anyone in a while. Of course, this morning, horse accident - the pt flipped over the front of a horse into the gate she was trying to jump. Guess what, called the bird. Only cool thing is that we landed them at the Coast Guard Station, and...
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    Ambulance accident kills 2 EMTs

    Prayer please, this is Alex's (EMTAL's) vollie station: News 12 Broadcast - Riverhead Ambulance Accident
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    A Funny Thing Happened... (circle one)

    I have a story that doesn't really deserve its own thread, but I wanted to share, so I thought we could start a thread for similar funny/interesting situations and just keep them all in one place. ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ Today I...
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    Drunk driver given probation

    I never realized this - I'd always heard that there was alcohol in mouthwash but I never realized this much!
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    What does your Motley Crew look like?

    My 0700-1300 Saturday crew at the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps 2005 Installation Dinner. Some of the other kiddies... "Don't worry, we'll save you!" Would you want these people to work on you???
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    Good Sam gets screwed

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