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    County grand jury issues scathing report on fire departments

    County grand jury issues scathing report on fire departments Interesting
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    NREMT New Paramedic Practical-Pilot Study

    I just attended a pilot study of a new proposed pilot program for Paramedic practical examination. I definitely liked it better than the current 12 step, memorized skills that are in use now. It is designed to test not only the skills but the critical thinking aspects of the candidate. It is...
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    Hi gang, been a while. Yeah, I'm still alive in fact more than ever before... actually have a personal life.. I know; it's I'm still Operation Manager at a Paramedic Service, but will have my final interview of a University tomorrow for the Coordinator/Professor of EMS Division...
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    New Semester

    Well it's that time again! New probies and students... Here is some sample pics of the pulmonology lab for the online Paramedic program I am teaching. They are starting Cardiology and Medical Emergencies this fall. Cadaver lungs, nothing can be more impressive than to see the real things...
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    Ex-official rips firefighters Ex-official rips firefighters :He calls their union's drive to unseat three city councilors who want to investigate faked records "terribly, terribly wrong." A friend of mine, reknown Dr...
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    It's an emergency vehicle, not a taxi : website

    I found this site interesting as it has a billboard that some communities have done..
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    When it rains, it poors.

    A neighboring community is mourning the loss of two deputies in this small town (8,000) or so. Bad enough that it lost two already, but it buried one of the local officers today from a unrelated MVC last week. I just ask...
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    Education Standards Gap Analysis Documents

    Here is a link to the Education Standards Gap Analysis Documents, which is the study for developing bridge courses according to the new levels. Developing educational standards to those standards that is currently used at this time, in other words education vs. training...
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    Trooper vs. Paramedic

    It is with great shame that I place this. This occurred within my state. I have several friends and co-workers of the OHP and represent the service proudly. It is unfortunate, that there apperantly is a few bad apples out there. From the rumor (although it came from a good source) is that...
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    The poor volunteers...

    Sorry, stolen from another site presented by one of posters. Don't know how we missed it? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Well here we again, only this time not limited to EMS. R/r 911
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    State's on Fire!

    We have had a terrible grass fire that is continuing. Straight winds of greater > than 60 mph is causing a major tragedy in Central Oklahoma. So far they have lost over 100 homes and of course several thousands of acres of land and property. Local Fire Departments are unable to keep fires...
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    Greeting from Columbus!

    Greetings from Columbus, Ohio. Just spent the past eight hours developing questions to be hopefully entered to the additional 14,000 questions located in their test bank. It is very educational upon the direction and scrutiny of how the questions are formed. I have to admit I am very pleased...
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    EMSA uses new Sirens Just a note, EMSA east (Tulsa) wears the badge, the OKC does not; even though they are the same company. R/r 911
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    I just received (as many of you might have also) a poll in regards to pod-casts or on-line education. I know I have participated in pod-casts from other EMS forums before and found them very interesting and enlightening, especially when they included international discussion. I do not know...
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    Accredited Schools for Paramedic

    Here is a link with the listings, addresses, contact information for accredited Paramedic programs in the U.S.
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    Training Web Site

    Here is a web site with information for education and training) Study cards, power point presentations) . It also has some basic facts upon on how to study for the NREMT, etc. You do have to sign up for it; but it appears to be legitimate.
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    Going to Ohio!

    Well, I received some news today. I will be going to NREMT in March to participate in test writing questions. I have to admit they were swift and within hours e-mailed my section to review to think of some question. I may have to ask for some ideas when the old synapse is not firing so well...
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    What I Hate the most about EMS

    I actually thought of this before reading the opposite thread. We can all come up with the goodies but really what is the real bad of things. Maybe just venting, but after three decades, I can truthfully say I am really discouraged with EMS and not my employer. The lack of desire to perform...
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    JEMS connect

    Anyone else a member of JEMS connect? Thought it is interesting site (like myspace for EMS) R/r911
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    EMS employee caught with prositute on duty

    Just seen on television, the nationally known Video Vigilante caught a employee with a prostitute. Now, broadcast on JohnTv and local news. The employee is not directly involved in patient care but was in a pick up owned by the local EMS and only identifying marks was the license tag holder...