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  1. schwing343


    this is probably a stupid question. my nremt expired in march 08, im trying to renew it to move out of state, am i still able to recert by examination?? or just recert in general??
  2. schwing343


    I'm from Ohio, I have my basic cert, it expires in april 2009, now i'm starting medic school in January 2009, I heard from a co-worker that the medic classes count as CE credits to maintain my basic cert during school. I dont know how it works in other states but I was just wondering if I should...
  3. schwing343

    just curious

    Just curious, when you receive your nremt card can you take that and work in another state?? ex. i live in ohio and i'm thinking about moving to florida when im done with medic school, am i able to work in fla as a medic, or do i have to retake the course in fla???? sorry if the question sounds...
  4. schwing343

    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    I will be taking the HOBET entrance exam in a couple weeks, and was wondering if any of you guys have any advice on how to prepare for this test. If not thanks anyway.
  5. schwing343


    My basic lisense expires in march 2008, i got a pamphlet in the mail about re-certification. im a little confused about all this. they say i have to take a 24 hr refresher, or just take the test, then all these instructions.....just confusing the h*ll outta me. i just want to take the test and...
  6. schwing343


    This isnt really about BLS, im going to the fire academy in december. Just wondering what it is like, if any of you have taken it. thanx
  7. schwing343


    I recently applied to AMR, about 2 weeks ago, still no call back. Should i have made a resume? A friend of mine who used to work as a medical assistant or something, said i should have put in one. Im going to apply to alot of private ambulance companies, hopefully ill land one. Any advice? thanks
  8. schwing343

    ITLS Ohio EMS conference

    Got something in the mail today, The 15th annual ITLS ohio emergency care continuing education conference. Anyone else in ohio get one of these? Ive only been certified for about a year and never been. Thinking about going looks pretty good.
  9. schwing343


    I have my emt-b cert and want to get into firefighting, but in the city i live, i guess you have to have your emt-p to take firefighter 1 and 2. Does anyone else have this?
  10. schwing343

    paramedic school

    so i took my paramedic school pre-entrance exam and i got my results back, doesnt look like i will be attending medic school this year. passed the emt part got a 95%, but the math part killed me. Will definently take it again next year.
  11. schwing343


    Just got my liscense today, do you guys think that because im only 19 that i cant get hired to an ambulance company?
  12. schwing343

    New to site

    Hey everyone, just found this site and decided to join. Just got my NREMT certification today. So excited. Looking forward to talking to you all.