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  1. charliefox42

    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    Thank you! Not my favorite but a good all around working knife.
  2. charliefox42

    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    As @CALEMT said, it’s a RATS tourniquet. A good back up when I’m away from my bag.
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    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    Here’s my daily carry - I don’t like a lot on my belt. The knife and flashlight change often
  4. charliefox42

    EDC Bag

    It’s a little smaller than it looks, but that’s ok because it forces you to carry only what you need. I’ve owned one of and on for since 1999 and my last one I handed down to my youngest son who uses it as his daily EDC bag - still going strong and looking good after 10 years! I saw it when we...
  5. charliefox42

    Duty belt

    I use the Nitecore Thumb for scene and back-of-the-rig lighting, especially on long transports when the patient is sleeping and I don’t want to disturb them. The red light is kind of weak, but the white has three or four settings. Good light for $20.
  6. charliefox42

    Hurricane Florence

    Lots of deodorant, dry underwear and socks and a good, double insulated water bottle.
  7. charliefox42

    Hurricane Florence

    Well, this changes the game a little... Stay safe y’all!
  8. charliefox42

    EDC Bag

    I downsized from a backpack to an LAPG Bailout Bag - it fits better in our new smaller ambulances
  9. charliefox42

    Duty belt

    Here’s what I normally carry in my pockets; only a glove pouch, phone and radio are on my belt
  10. charliefox42

    What does your agency ride in...

    Here are our newest rides
  11. charliefox42

    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    These tend to get me through the day, but that noisy one is a pain in my a$&
  12. charliefox42

    EMT Wrist Watch - Requirements

    I have a bunch of really cool watches, but I bought this cheap Casio for work wear. It’ll get beat to heck, washed a thousand times, and generally abused. Then I’ll spend $10 and but another. It meets my needs; easy to read, sweep second hand and water resistant.
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    What's your part time job?

    Full time - EMT for a hospital ambulance service Part time - Chauffeur Much the same, but people stay ali way more often at my part time gig:D
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    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    This does it for most days though...
  15. charliefox42

    Classroom vs field

    When I moved to SC I had to take the NREMT test. I’d been an EMT for almost 30 years at that point, so I was a bit worried that my street experience would cloud my book knowledge. I kept that in mind while studying and taking the test and I passed it with a 97%. I tell you this to say it’s all...
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    EMS memes.

  17. charliefox42

    Funny Ems phrases

    I used to use FDGB all the time on my reports....never got questioned about it:rolleyes:
  18. charliefox42

    Gun Porn