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  1. chaz90

    Cardiac Arrest Frequency

    It's very interesting to me how many factors other than call volume seem to go into cardiac arrest frequency for the average EMS provider or system. I was surprised in another thread how widely spread our exposures to cardiac arrest are, even for those working in high volume systems with...
  2. chaz90

    Odd EtCO2

    I ran a bit of an unusual cardiac arrest this AM and thought I'd run a couple questions by the forum. In short, we witnessed the arrest but have no history from the patient or anyone else. A third party caller from another town contacted 911 and advised the patient had contacted her and...
  3. chaz90


    My partner is retiring in a couple weeks after 25 years as a paramedic at our service and almost 30 years in EMS. She's obviously developed quite a reputation in our service in that time, and I heard a lot about her from the moment I arrived long before I ever worked a shift with her. She's...
  4. chaz90

    Stroke Centers

    I figured this might be better on its own thread rather than hijacking the other one. Are there a lot of EMS receiving facilities with 24/7 EDs that are not some kind of stroke center? Admittedly, my experience is limited to Colorado and Delaware, but every ED I have ever utilized is able to...
  5. chaz90

    EKG Interpretation

    Here's one for the EKG buffs. This is an absolutely cold read, as my partner and I literally found this EKG in the trash can at our station this AM. We know it's a 45 year old male as that information was input to the monitor, but we have no clinical scenario, symptoms, history, or vitals of any...
  6. chaz90

    LP15 Demo Mode

    Anyone know how to place a LP15 in demo mode? I'm doing a short notice special event tonight and thought it might be useful. I scanned through all 256 pages of the user manual, and it just said see the website for further information which was quite useless. Thanks!
  7. chaz90

    RSI Medications and Use

    Solution to an RSI patient beginning to spontaneously breathe through the tube one minute after 200 mg of succinylcholine? Evidently 20 mg of Nimbex followed by a Nimbex drip.
  8. chaz90

    Preview Pictures

    Is anyone else seeing unrelated preview pictures pop up before you open the thread? For example:
  9. chaz90

    Quote reply not working on Tapatalk [Resolved]

    So far, I haven't been able to quote posts and reply as I normally can using Tapatalk. When the post is highlighted and the "Quote" icon is selected, the window opened stays black and doesn't permit typing or show any text at all.
  10. chaz90

    Interesting EKG

    I'm happy to give a scenario and/or more background information later, but I initially want to see what everyone thinks of these recently acquired EKGs. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. chaz90

    EMS Today

    Anyone else going to the EMS Today conference in DC this year? I'm attending for the first time and hope to see some of you!
  12. chaz90

    Intubations in the OR

    I went to the OR for intubation practice for my new job today. Let me preface the rest of this post by saying what a good move I think that is. This obviously doesn't fix all the controversy about paramedic intubation, but sending all new hire medics to prove competency in the OR prior to being...