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  1. EMTVeg

    Paramedic Challenge Refresher in NYC ASAP!?

    I am having a hard time finding a challenge refresher here in NYC. Can anybody help me out. I need one that starts ASAP! Thanks! New York City Paramedic Challenge Refresher
  2. EMTVeg

    New York Paramedic Certification Renewal

    Can someone explain the New York State Paramedic recertification process to me? I need to find a course to renew my certification. I live in NYC so something in the city would be great. I don't understand what exactly a challenge refresher is or how it works. The classes I am seeing are like 2...
  3. EMTVeg

    Nyc remac

    I am in the process of signing up to take the REMAC. I am an out of practice medic. I graduated in August 2012 and haven't done much since then due to relocating to NYC. I was wondering if someone could give me some information on what to expect from the exam. From what I understand as someone...
  4. EMTVeg

    Nyc remac

    I am a bit confused about the REMAC Certification required to work in NYC. If I go to REMSCO's I see nothing about testing dates or how the process works. I am currently in medic school in Florida and moving to NYC as soon as I pass the test here in August. I understand the reciprocity process...
  5. EMTVeg

    Relocating to NYC next September

    Hey everybody I am planning on relocating to NYC next August or September after I finish my Medic course. I am wondering how the job outlook is up there for medics. I will have about a year and a half of EMT experience by then and be fresh out of medic school. I have checked into reciprocity and...
  6. EMTVeg

    New York City Jobs

    I am currently living in Florida and looking at getting medic and moving to NYC next summer. I was wondering what the job Outlook is like up there. Also what would PH suggest me doing to prepare? FDNY is awesome but wondering how competitive it is. Possible to work there without getting my fire...
  7. EMTVeg

    American Ambulance is Hiring, Orlando

    Just wanted to let anybody in Orlando Florida know that American Ambulance is hiring EMT's. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk
  8. EMTVeg

    Orlando EMT Positions Available

    American Ambulance is hiring EMT's in Orlando Florida if anybody is looking. Start at $9/hr
  9. EMTVeg

    Failed Pre Employment Test

    Feeling pretty bummed as I failed my pre-employment test. They said I could come back and take it again within a week. Gonna do it guy was real nice but feel like an idiot.
  10. EMTVeg

    Hiring in Central Florida

    Just so everybody knows Positive Medical Transport is hiring RIGHT NOW in Central Florida. They are based out of Sebring but are opening a new dispatch center in Polk County. They are hiring Drivers and EMT's. Will be hiring ALS in the not too distant future. The commute was going to be a little...
  11. EMTVeg

    Positive Medical Transport Southern/Central Florida

    I was just wondering if anybody knew any information about Positive Medical Transport in Southern/Central Florida. They are based out of Sebring, looks to be simply a transport service but was thinking of applying as I am desperately in search of a job. Let me know your thoughts. Prefer to stay...