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  1. Colt45

    Test Preparation

    Hello all. I am going to take my FP-C test in about a week. I took the IA Med class and have self studied for about a month since ( pretty heavily. Anywhere from 4-6 hours a day). I wanted some more test preparation exams and as easy as Google is- the best I found was ACESAT or FlightbridgeED. I...
  2. Colt45

    Paid per call?

    Hey guys. Thinking about joining another ambulance agency on top of my current job. I was talking on the phone with the HR lady, and she said they are paid $1.00 hourly, but based on the call (signed release, helicopter transport since there are no large hospitals in the area, and ground...
  3. Colt45


    So I have a question that kind of threw me off during an exam. And I haven't been able to find the information in my book as to what order to do certain steps in. Basically a patient is unresponsive and breathing. Scene safety and BSI have been established and you and your partner enter the...
  4. Colt45


    I took my National Registry test on Saturday and just found out my result (don't ever test on a weekend if you want to enjoy it). I failed and got near passing in every section and below passing in trauma. Out of 10 people in my class I got the highest grade and put probably 4X the effort into...