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  1. EMS49393

    Firefighter class

    Aberdeen is combination. Susquehanna Hose and Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps are separate. Also, Emmitsburg Ambulance Company and Vigilant Hose Company in Frederick County are also separate. It's rare, but there are a few that have split and maintained it.
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    Pregnancy in the field

    I had planned to work until 34 weeks with my current pregnancy. Only stopped at 24 weeks because I was diagnosed with leukemia and will now be in the hospital through my delivery (she's scheduled at 30 weeks). I had no problem doing my job while pregnant. I was even dealing with diabetes and...
  3. EMS49393

    Firefighter class

    Incorrect. My company is EMS only. There are no fire engines in our bays. The hose company down the street handles fire. Largely true, but not "all" true in Maryland. I've gone my entire career without fire training. If you don't have any interest in it, why bother putting in the time...
  4. EMS49393

    FTO Training; Normally Demoralizing?

    Oh, hell no! I really hate hearing stories about FTO's that break students and new EMT's down. The bottom line is you're new, either to the field, or the service, and you shouldn't know all the "ins and outs" yet. It's our job to see the competence level and assist you in learning what you need...
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    Hot and cold packs

    I've actually only ever used heat packs to try to bring out veins for IV's in super chilly patients that need fluids. Other then that, I haven't used them. We use warm blankets and warmed fluids (which I also wrap) for rewarming. As far as cold packs, I do use them often. Our cold packs...
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    need advice

    My working diagnosis is dramaitis, acute. She's 21, she's got a myraid of bizarre symptoms, and she's otherwise stable upon assessment. Where was she located, and where is the boyfriend that just dumped her?
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    What are you all eating?

    Oatmeal for breakfast. I use the Keurig machine to get the hot water for it and it's delish. I typically eat salads with some feta cheese on top. I struggle the most with protein intake. I really do not like meat and I'm always looking for alternatives. I'm known as "that paramedic that...
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    Baby Food Diet

    Please do not take this rudely, but this diet is just INSANE. I have a huge GI history with multiple repair surgeries for strangulated hernias and obstructions so I have to eat baby food on a pretty regular basis. When I start having trouble swallowing or moving food, I switch to baby food and...
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    Provider Validation

    It wouldn't bother me at the admin level, but I don't want to post my numbers out there for just anyone. I just looked up my number on the NR site and it shows my full name. It doesn't show my address or any other personal information. It doesn't even show state of practice. I just don't...
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    West coast to East coast, Job Questions?

    NVRob is correct about the CPAT, at least for BCFD. The results are good for a year and if you have a certificate, you bypass that portion of the process. For the paramedic/firefighter listing, all that is required is an application and successful completion of the CPAT to secure employment...
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    West coast to East coast, Job Questions?

    Baltimore city is full of the most disgruntled employees in the world. I don't know exactly what is going on down there but I know they are not happy. I have several friends that are city guys and I would imagine there are some pretty crappy practices going on there for them to be so unhappy...
  12. EMS49393

    Bob Page presentation

    Speaking as one of Bob's former parapups, you will love it! There was never a dull moment in his paramedic class and from what I hear from everyone that has taken his seminars, never a dull moment there either. Have fun!! :D
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    EMS is public safety.

    Ten pages of arguments over something posted by a person that has proven themselves to be a forum troll in previous threads. Come on folks. At some point we have to learn the lesson. IMHO this thread, like others started by the OP should be locked as it has gone absolutely no where.
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    Burn victim treatment from an ALS/BLS standpoint

    BLS - dry sterile dressings, infection will soon become this patients worst enemy; protect from hypothermia which is likely now this patients worst enemy; monitor airway and oxygen saturation, treat as appropriate with oxygen but be careful messing with the airway if there is any chance for...
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    Scare Tactics?

    I'm a female paramedic that teaches and precepts pretty often. This behavior is not acceptable nor should it be tolerated. I don't go into depth about any calls I've run unless they have teachable moments that can help a new provider avoid the same mistakes I have made in my past. Even then...
  16. EMS49393

    How do you deal with it?

    Eighteen years in this job. Nothing bothers me because I don't take calls home. I don't take the thought of patients and families past the time I drop a finished report in the box. I probably can't tell you the name of any patient I ran yesterday. When it's over, it's over. Trust me, or...
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    What does your EMT/Medic card look like?

    [/IMG] Imagine my dismay when I got this flimsy paper card. When I left MD seven years ago I had an awesome plastic card. The economy is a killer.
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    Did we do evrything right?

    I have a problem with this call on a few levels. Did you assess the hip area? Did you check the extremity for rotation and shortening? Does the patient have a history of bone density issues? They have at least one bone density issue, they are post-menopausal. Did you SUSPECT a hip fracture...
  19. EMS49393

    How do you deal with it?

    I run the call, write the report, and forget about the call. If I let every thing I have seen bother me, I'd be a lifer at a psychiatric facility. I'm not cold or heartless. I still give great patient care and I push a hell of a lot of pain medications compared to most medics because I...
  20. EMS49393

    Moron CNA's

    Depends on the medic, it could be pink by the time they reach the ER. :rolleyes: