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    NREMT psychomotor paramedic NCTI Roseville

    Hey guys, I'm taking my NREMT psychomotor next week at NCTI roseville. I'm super nervous and have been having a hard time finding what to study for the psychomotor test. Also, I've been hearing that NCTI roseville is super strict, I was wondering if anyone here has any current experience with...
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    Moving to Dallas right after Medic school?

    Hey y'all! Im finishing up medic school out here in cali (should be done by november), and i really want to move back home to Texas, specifically Dallas. I was wondering about employment in Dallas (I see a lot about Medstar. Anyone know about pay, protocols, if there are other companies as well...
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    AMR santa barbara, San Luis Ambulance, or Hall

    hello yall. I've been looking at a lot of places in CA that I would like to work at as a medic after school ends (nearing the end of didactic right now), and I have penciled it down to three areas: SB, SLO, or bako. Ideally I would like to be living at/near the beach, I would love to not have to...
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    California Questions

    Hi y'all, I've been following this forum for a while, and I just wanted to start by saying thank you to yall that post here alot, some of yall have inspired me to go to Medic school... but anyways, I am in Medic school right now at college of the siskiyous in weed,ca, and I'm a couple of months...