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    Community Paramedic Programs

    Community Paramedic Programs. What do those involved actually do? Any value in them or is it a waste of time and money? Curious if it would cut down on "frequent flyers?"
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    Clue me in on AFib

    I'm a Basic. On the 15th we received a call for a 68 yo, F, at a local clinic with AFib. No chest pain, good RR, good SPO2, just weak. Clinic gave us a copy of her ECG print out. Print out showed a wide QRS complex with either negative T waves, in Lead II, or absent T waves. Lady was released...
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    What else could/should I have done or considered

    2030 dispatch notifies about a 3 1/2 year old boy who fell. His right eye struck something on the ground and the Dad could see that the object, possibly 1/16th of an inch or less, appeared to have penetrated the rt eyelid. Parents brought child to the station and there was slight bleeding from...
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    Can you say idiots

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    Are they an app or is it software? Are they worth having?
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    Rookie question on DNRs

    I'm asking here because I didn't think to ask the other EMTs on that run, at the time. We had a 90 year old man, COPD, who called with breathing difficulties. Daughter showed us a valid DNR for cardiac arrest. Vitals, all except respiration rate were within limits. They agreed to transport the...