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    End of Life Care

    Does anyone have protocols for treatment of hospice patients for comfort care in the home? I'm interested in things like respiratory support for comfort, pain management, etc. I'm interested in examples with and without community paramedic involvement.
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    CCP-C Exam Expectations

    My CCP-C is scheduled for next week and I've been reviewing my material from IA Med. What kind of questions can I expect on the exam? Do I need to expect to be able to explain setting up an art line and transducer, or is it more focused on patient presentations? What types of topics do they...
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    Off-Road Patient Transport/Extrication

    I am on a committee at my local agency and we are re-evaluating our resources and options for accessing, extricating and transporting patients in rough terrain and off road. Currently we use modified Kubotas. I am interested to see what everyone else is using and if they find it useful or not...
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    "Must Be Diluted"

    The phrase "must be diluted" is on many medication vials. What does this mean? It seems obvious, it must be diluted, but I was never taught this in school. Using the below example, I was taught to draw up the vial, and push it. That's it. Does it need to be diluted in saline first?
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    Alcohol induced delirium and Ketamine

    I have been hearing multiple reports from field providers that they have been giving large IM doses of ketamine (within protocol) and that every time the patient 'required' intubation upon arrival at the ED due to respiratory compromise. In every case alcohol has been a compounding factor...
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    Protocol Writing Program

    Does anyone know of, or use a program for writing protocols? I figure there has to be something out there to help with document design and flow specific to EMS protocols. We are looking to re-write all of our protocols, and have 2 pages per protocol; one page with a flow chart for quick...
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    Nebraska Flood Response

    Has anyone heard about the floods in Nebraska? I was put on standby for a FEMA deployment but never got sent. I'm barely seeing any news coverage of it, and any sort of recover/rescue response seems to be absent. Is anything going on there to help the people affected?
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    Interview Question

    I have an interview coming up for a promotion to an officer position. What are some typical questions I might expect? I assume the typical "what are your weaknesses," "how can you overcome tough situations" etc questions, but what are some other typical questions I might expect and can...
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    CCP in a 911 Setting

    Does anyone have examples of agencies that recognize Critical Care Paramedics, and but they function in a primarily 911 setting? How does it work? What extra functions are they given? My agency does not recognize anything above Paramedic, but I'd like to pitch to them to make Critical Care...
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    ALS Bags

    What different bags are people using for their primary ALS or first in bags? We currently use a bag like the one below, but are evaluating other options as we have outgrown the current bag. Currently we have a demo Omni Pro from MERET, but I'm curious what other people have found to work well.
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    Cardiac Arrest: Breaking the mold

    My agency is implementing some new protocols for cardiac arrest, and I was curious to see what others have to say about some of the changes and see if anyone is doing something similar. Current: Initial oxygenation provided by NRB and OPA, with ETI to follow later in the algorithm after other...
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    Education Pay

    How many places are offering extra pay to employees with degrees? I'm not talking about tuition reimbursement or professional development, but an added amount to your salary for having a degree.
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    Reading Studies

    I'd like to get better at reading and understanding the methodologies and verbage used in many studies. For example I understand, basically, level of evidence and class of recommendation, but I don't know how studies are done, what different types of studies are called, what some of the terms...
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    Which Degree?

    I'm wrapping up my Associates and I want to launch into futher education without a hiatus. I've already narrowed down my school's, but I'm having trouble deciding what education path I want to take. Ideally, I'd like to stay in EMS for the rest of my career. Unlikely I'll be in the field, I...
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    MCI Surge Equipment

    My agency recently had an open house where we showed off all of our equiptment. Among the displays was one modular section of our MMU, or Mobile Medical Unit. It's a mobile hospital that's somewhat unique to EMS agencies. It got me thinking, what does your agency use for supporting large MCIs?
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    AMA PRA Category 1 -> CAPCE CEU

    Does any know if there is a way to take AMA PRA credit hours and use them as CEUs, either with CAPCE or a state agency. I've reached out to my EMSA and CAPCE but, I figured I'd see if anyone else has successfully done this already.
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    Polishing suggestions

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what to polish these metal pieces with? They are obviously a different metal or something than the factory bumper. We use normal polishing stuff on the bumper just fine, but nothing has worked for us to keep the siren horns and the trim pieces from looking...
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    Incidental Fentanyl Exposure

    Everyone has seen the video by now. A cop is acting funny, another officer fumbles with some narcan and administers it. All supposedly after a drug arrest. By now Facebook is a flood with people who are "educating" people about how incidental overdose from fentanyl is very unlikely, and that...
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    Stuff that's not in protocol

    So an EMT asked me the other day if a procedure was allowed under state protocols, and I really didn't know what to say. Well, no. Not specifically. But a lot of stuff isn't specifically allowed, but is still done or allowed. I've never had a protocol on the heimlich maneuver, but I can't...
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    Taney County Ambulance District (Southwest Missouri)

    Taney County Ambulance District (TCAD) is hiring a Full-Time EMD, Full-Time and Part-Time Paramedics, and Part-Time EMTs. Equipment: All ambulances are newer Dodge 4500 and 5500 AEV Trauma Hawk ambulances. Every ambulance has a Ferno PowerCot, LP15, and o-two e700 ventilator. Paramedic pay...