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  1. planetmike

    Does anyone have any experience with They hire EMT and Paramedics for deployment to areas around the US.
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    Suggestions for a Burnout "Expert" For monthly training lecture?

    I'm responsible for setting up the lecture for my volunteer agency's monthly training. I'd like to have someone talk about burnout, identifying issues, coping strategies, etc. This can be done via Zoom or other webcast tool, and would need to be 45 minutes to an hour long. Do you know of anyone...
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    Meal Allowance

    A few members of my all-volunteer agency have asked that we provide them a meal stipend every x number of shifts. I'm just wondering what other agencies have done. Flat rate per member, Flat rate per shift, etc... I'm leaning towards something like $X per person on a Saturday shift. Each team...
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    Facebook Privacy?

    Our agency recently had a high profile call. It has been recommended that we change our names on our Facebook profiles and remove mention of our affiliation with our squad from our “About” section of our profiles. This is to prevent possible revenge taken on us if we get tracked down. Does...
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    Former Membership Roster

    In the course of cleaning out my building, I found ALL of our old call reports from 1960-1988. They were buried in the back of a closet that was packed full of old equipment. While interesting to look through, we have no need to keep these old reports now. I’m going through them and building a...
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    Reimbursement of Volunteer’s uniform gear?

    My volunteer agency is considering our reimbursement policies. Right now we reimburse our volunteers their EMT certification course and partial uniform costs after X months with us. We provide shirts, jackets. The member is expected to pay for boots, pants, and belt on their own. I’m just...
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    What to do with really old equipment?

    I recently was elected to be my agency’s building and equipment manager. As I’ve started going through closets and other nooks and crannies, I am finding lot and lots of really old equipment. Damaged backboards; MAST trousers (military anti-shock trousers, also known as pneumatic anti-shock...
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    Low HR/Good BP

    Had a call a while ago, 82 year old female, chief complaint: "just not feeling right”. Vital signs: Pulse: 39, bp: 132/78; respiration rate: 18; SpO2: 95% on room air. Scheduled for bladder surgery (cancer) in two days time. As a basic, what to do as treatment while en route to hospital ten...
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    2 column format on home page

    Is the two column format of topic areas on the home page a setting that can be disabled per user? The two columns makes it difficult to scan the page. Thanks.
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    Steps to become an AIC (Attendant in Charge)

    I’m wondering what other 911 emergency medical service agencies do to prepare and test their EMTs to become an AIC (Attendant in Charge). I’m not finding a lot of relevant info on the wider web or on this site. Thanks.
  11. planetmike

    Patient care followup survey

    I’m the PIO (Public Information Officer) for my volunteer agency. I’ve been tasked by the chief to look into the logistics of doing a followup survey/questionnnaire with our patients. I’m wondering if anyone out there is doing anything like that. I’m guessing it will be done via postal mail, but...
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    Life as a dispatcher?

    I’m thinking about applying as a dispatcher at a local jurisdiction. I’m looking for any ideas on what the job is really like. It appears to be a 911 job, dispatching fire, rescue, police, water/sewer, and who knows who else. I’m currently an EMT at a volunteer agency in a different jurisdiction.
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    EMS “Speeches” for grade schoolers

    I’m wondering if anyone has any advice, outlines, or other ideas for giving a talk to grade schoolers about EMS. How useful would a demonstration of an EMS examination be? I recently took part in a First Responders recognition event and people were generally excited by police cars, firetrucks...
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    How to Mark a Forum as Read?

    How do you mark a forum as read? I really don't want to have to click on every thread in each forum to mark it as read.