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    LA County CARE Paramedics?

    I'm seeing on social media that CARE has Paramedics now. When I worked there, they didn't have any. How do these paramedics function? Is it like McCormick where they cnst actually be paramedics?
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    HIPAA section allowing for QA/QI Follow up

    There is a section of the HIPAA laws that allows for providers to follow up on patients for QA/QI (educational) purposes. Does anyone know the name of this section, or have a link to its text?
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    Off-Duty Response

    Lets say that you are off duty and for the sake of this scenario you have a scanner in your personal vehicle. Your state does not have a duty to act law and you are not in uniform. You hear a call go out for a man down, not breathing. You recognize the address as less than 1 block away inside a...
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    Medium-Duty Ambulances

    I'm sure there is a reason, but why do some agencies use medium duty ambulances? Here we just use the smaller ambulances, mostly just the van conversions, but some have the box on the back. I believe all of those here are bariatric.
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    LA Area Companies

    Are there any to seek or avoid? I have an interview with "Ambulife" in Van Nyes. How is this company? I just don't want to get on a bad company and I know they exist. Thanks!
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    Looking for article..

    I am looking for an article that talked about the benefits of transporting pediatric patients via helicopter. The article cited a study that suggested that in some identifiable cases, that faster air transport only increased survival rates by a very small number, and then tossed around the idea...
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    Ambulance Drivers DMV test (CA)

    Is the ambulance drivers test easy or is it worth buying the book and studying?
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    MedicWest - Pre-employment Skills Test

    I was invited to a skills test for MedicWest (North Las Vegas). Is there anything I should prepare for? They mentioned of course an exam, scenarios and a "mega code." I'm not familiar with a mega code, I Imagine it's just what it sounds like?
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    BP: Left VS Right

    I have had a few people suggest to me that the right arm is better for taking BP on. Is this true? For bonus points, what things do you know that can affect BP (other than medication.) Things like time since last meal etc..
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    90yof - csf?

    Here is the scenerio: I work as an EMT as an IL facility, licensed as an AL facility. Resident walks into my office and asks us to check her ear. "If feels like moisture is leaking from it." So I inspected her ear. Indeed fluid was leaking; clear with an orange/pink tint. Large stain on her...
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    What meds do you look for?

    I work as an EMT in an independent living retirement facility. We also have AL and SNF on campus however I do not respond there. My department head has asked me to create a form for the FD and ambulance who respond to summarize the patient and give them the important information. I'm using the...
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    Las Vegas Employment?

    I'm considering moving to Nevada for EMT work. Specifically in the Las Vegas area. I hear there are always companies hiring there, and I think I could get more 911 experience. The big thing is family. I dont want to be too far so that I cant come back quickly if there should be an emergency...
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    Does anyone know the scoop? I googled and some old threads came up but didnt really find an answer. We currently have EMT-Ds here in Ventura County and was wondering if it would be good to get an EMT-D cert (if possible) to help on the resume.
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    EMT Crush

    Someone here has an EMT crush on me. At least thats what your sister says. Which one of you is it? :ph34r: Info: - Worked for Hall in Bako, CA - Now works for AMR in Santa Barbra, CA - You get overly excited when your sister mentions my name :rofl:
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    New Job; Suggestions?

    I am about to start a new job as an EMT. It is at a 65 acre community. Most of it is independent living retirement, but they also have assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. This job will serve as money and experience while I am in school until I get onto an ambulance. My question to...
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    Termination of care

    I volunteer as an EMT for events. Oftentimes I get patients that quite honestly dont need to go to the hospital. What is the proper way to terminate care? I dont want abandonment issues. I have AMA forms for when its necessary, but not everyone needs me to call an ambulance. What is the...
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    Restraining a 5150?

    Can anyone cite a law or provide insight to the laws regarding restraining a patient who is refusing treatment but is a harm to himself or others? Does a LEO have to do it? I am mostly interested in the law as it pertains to EMTs in California.
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    Airway Management in Seizures

    I am currently not working in ems but looking for work. Since I am not practicing I try to quiz myself on things regularly. One thing I cant remember from my EMT class is how to maintain an airway during a seizure. My local protocols say "Maintain airway as indicated" So my question is...
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    Scholarships? (haha..)

    Does anyone know of any current scholarships for EMS or Fire? I know they are rare, but they are out there.
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    HAZMAT Scenerio

    I need to come up with a hazmat scenario for my emt class and my group has to go through the steps. What are some fun/interesting scenarios you cans can think of?