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    AED wanted for church

    We are looking to buy and AED for my church. We need the best price possible. used is fine. Thank y'all
  2. J

    GCS question

    Real quick y'all, We had a patient who was alert and oriented to 4. However, during transport pt kept going on and on about how nursing home officials and his family members could read his mind, and a couple of times checked over his shoulder to make sure none of the aforementioned were...
  3. J

    Running out of o2

    Anyone know the formula to calculate how many minutes of o2 you have in a portable bottle or main bottle till reaching safe residual pressure (200 psi)? I had an LDT where we came close to running out of o2. want to be sure next time. Thanks
  4. J

    EMT vs EMT Basic??

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Nationally Registered EMT Basic, and a Nationally Registered EMT?? Thanks
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    Those dreaded 24s

    Am I the only one in EMS who can't stand working 24 hour shifts?:o We get run ragged, and my slow documentation makes for 24 hours of misery........and to think all the Medics and Basics beg for these blessed shifts.... I'll stick to my 12 to 16 hour days trucks. I may get home late, but...
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    Bringing out the Dead

    Just watched "Bringing out the Dead" with Nicolas cage Great Christmas movie!! Anyway, I thought it was pretty accurate(except for hollywood style chest compressions~akin to a deep tissue massage~ and electrodes sitting atop the hair on a mans chest) Anyone seen it? Are there any...
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    Refusal to backboard

    Here is the hypothetical scenario:unsure: Crew dispatched to independent living facility for possible lumbar injury. On scene patient lying supine in bed. Pt is roughly 90 years old. Pt is confused, cannot tell you what year it is, but can tell you her name and where she is. she...
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    AEMT school in Dallas??

    Hey everyone, Does anyone in have ANY idea how I could find a school with the Advanced EMT curriculum? Maybe online? A back alley somewhere? or the dark side of the moon? Just seems that there is NOWHERE out there that offers this course! I was going to take it online, but the...
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    You might work for a private if.....

    You might work for private ambulance company if.... Your ambulances drivers side armrest is always broken...:sad: or Your trucks are fully stocked with stolen sani-wipes taken from your favorite emergency rooms... now y'ALL give it a try!:rofl:
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    catheter check

    Ever heard of EMT's moving a patient and forgetting to check for a foly? ouch!:o
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    EMT Intermediate in Texas

    Question: I'm a Basic right now. Is there such a thing as an "EMT Intermediate" in Texas? Where would I go to School for this?
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    Illinois to Dallas, Texas. Private Companies?

    Hey you all. Just Passed my NREMT and now have gotten my Texas License as well. I'm in Illinois and moving to Dallas next month. Does anyone have any info on Dallas area BLS ambulance services? Thanks, native Texan;), Travis County
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    Chicago Area EMS class

    Do any of you all know anything about the EMS program done through Prarie State college in Chicago Heights? Do they have a good program, or would I be better trained elsewhere?
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    From Illinois to Texas

    Hey everyone, I'm getting into EMS, and will be taking all my classes and testing in Illinois. Being originally from Texas, I would one day like to relocate back to the promise land(Texas of course):) Just wondering how my license and schooling will be accepted down there. If at all...