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  1. 8jimi8

    Resume Editing -- interview today.

    So, should i cut out my non-nursing/volunteer history? i think it speaks to the other component of ICU nursing (qualified professional crisis counseling) James Marshall Clary, RN, EMT-I85 Objective Full time position in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Experience April 17...
  2. 8jimi8

    Trauma Nurse Core Course

    This course offering from the Emergency Nurses Association is designed to take an RN with 6 months of trauma nursing experience and update their core knowledge to the minimum standard of trauma care. I just completed the course using the 6th edition of the TNCC Provider manual. There are...
  3. 8jimi8

    Lead aVR, a mostly ignored but very valuable lead in clinical electrocardiography
  4. 8jimi8

    Prehospital Airway/Ventilation Management: A Trauma Score and Injury Severity Score Sorry it's only the abstract... this is what spawned my other post in this forum
  5. 8jimi8

    Vote on donations for group professional publication memberships

    I would like to start a professional publications club. We could either band together and vote on a few journals to subscribe to, or we could each personally subscribe and share the bounty. Maybe this would have to be a password protected forum??? I'm not trying to be inappropriate so...
  6. 8jimi8

    RSI: Critical Decision Making (Advanced Provider response requested)

    Sorry this may be reposted, because i hit send, but the I couldn't find my thread. So I am doing my RSI homework and reading drug profiles. Concerning paralytics, what do you consider prior to choosing your paralytic. Do you have more than one option? Is it only a depolarizing or...
  7. 8jimi8

    Certification versus License

    Could someone discuss what it REALLY means? In Texas, if you have an associates or higher in EMS, or a "related field," you are eligible to apply for the "Licensed Paramedic" patch. This patch has a gold border and for all I have found, only indicates that you pay a higher registration...
  8. 8jimi8

    Article repost: high dose IV NTG post cardiac arrest

    Saw this article linked on one of th various Facebook EMS pages. Interesting that the nitro has such a dramatic effect. My intuition tells me that this is only a temporary solution as the heart continues to progressively fail.
  9. 8jimi8

    Per Cent concentration drug calculations

    Doing my P2 homework has unearthed a weakness in my drug calculation prowess. The question: If you have a 4% solution of medication how many mls do you add to 500cc if you want a final concentration of 4mg/ ml here's my rationale: 1% solution = 1 gram / 100 cc to arrive at a...
  10. 8jimi8

    Nremt i-85

    Why am I testing out at this level? Because I have to renew my basic by 03/31/11 and because it will be a good preview of the NREMT-P examination. The plan: I will not crack a book, I will not review a sentence. I am scheduled for the CBT at 1235 on 2/22/11. Practicals exam will be...
  11. 8jimi8

    Scheduled my practical exam today.

    March 26th in Del Rio, Texas. 4 hour drive for me, exam for 4 hours and then a 4 hour drive back. It'll be worth it to get this portion out of the way. This gives me motivation to schedule the CBT as well. Worried? Not a bit... just broke ! lol
  12. 8jimi8

    Its official

    Rather than challenge the P card, I have elected to complete my certification online. I am going through Percom. Pretty much, will be watch their lectures, read my book and teach myself. Coming back full circle, this is how I earned my Basic, as well as Intermediate education. I guess...
  13. 8jimi8

    Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference April 3 - 6 2011

    Anyone going? MedicRob is lame and will be out of town, so there goes my crash at your place idea... I'm most interested in sunday's Critical Care Procedural Anatomy program. just trying to justify the $1000+ that it will cost for course registration / lodging / travel etc.
  14. 8jimi8

    The proverbial fork

    So i've come to that place in the road. My fondest dream fantasy is to be a Flight Nurse. I want to do HEMS, scene flights and critical care transport. I'd even consider fixed wing CCT. Recently, I've been lured to the dark side of advanced practice nursing. Namely, CRNA. I would...
  15. 8jimi8

    Bought my first donorcycle

    Suzuki GZ250. Gas is killing me on my commute and its cheaper to buy the bike than to pay for gas in my forerunner! its a small 300 pound learner bike. If vene signs off on this post, will it count for an OOH DNI??
  16. 8jimi8

    Tranasport Nurse Advanced Trauma Course

    Anyone have an opinion on this course? Experiences? Im a little gunshy after the disappointment that was the CFP-C test prep class i took this october at the ems expo... Dear Mr. James Marshall Clary, We have 3 new TNATC courses to offer you next year! March 18-20, 2011 Fort Wayne, IN...
  17. 8jimi8

    MedPage Today News: FDA Warning on Needleless Systems for IV Heart Drugs

    MedPage Today News: FDA Warning on Needleless Systems for IV Heart Drugs I thought you would like to read the attached article: The FDA is alerting healthcare professionals about potential problems with prefilled, needleless glass syringes used to deliver adenosine or amiodarone in...
  18. 8jimi8

    Reverse t-berg: re: hypotension

    I was under the impression that evidence supported the theory that rtb "tricks the baro-receptors into thinking that the body is not hypotensive" :. Taking away much needed compensation. Can someone please link to literature?
  19. 8jimi8

    Still taking my damn EMT-I

    Down and dirty update in Jimi. Started new ICU job, cool, fit right in, being out of critical care for a year has humbled me, but I still feel sharp. IABP class on Tuesday. Divorce will be final on Nov 29. I let her keep the dogs. Cardiology class starts in January. A secondary...
  20. 8jimi8

    Which job?

    Mixed S\M ICU and IMC setting, 32 bed unit, "Family" style unit w/ average experience [15 years (diluted by new grads.)]. 45-1 hour commute, in the same network of hospitals where I am currently employed. It would be possible to be floated unexepectedly to another floor. VS. Level 1...