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    The future of EMS and SAR

    Can anyone imagine this
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    Elite Air Force team called in to rescue missing dad and his daughter in Oregon

    The fine example of how the USAF and Air National Guard has PJ's and Combat Rescue officers.
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    Hellenic Coast Guard's new Ambulance boat

    Here's an EMS boat and I wonder how many would want one
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    Interesting article on being a PJ in Alaska

    If you want to know what's it like to be a PJ aka Pararescue in Alaska, this article is very interesting. Also the PJ pipeline is 2 years long and is the longest in the DOD. They are talking about the 212 Rescue Squadron out of the 176th wing of the Alaska Air National Guard...
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    Could EMS lead to being a PA

    I saw this article and let me know what ya think
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    EMS truck in CT catches on Fire

    Here's the news link
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    The Stryker EMS rig

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    Recommendations on online places to do your EMT CEU for NREMT

    Anyone have recommendations on places where I can do online EMT CEU to renew my EMT/NREMT
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    Dose EMS need a Strike team

    I saw this in JEMS and it ask, dose EMS Need a Strike team and I say NO because we already have a National Medical response system such as DMAT's, CERT's, FEMA Medical Reserve Corps, Air National Guard Medevac teams, Army National Guard Medical brigades, US Coast Guard, USPHS Commissioned Corp...
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    Vol EMS question

    I have a question for ya. Why is it that Vol EMS is becoming a dying service in this country. It seems like and especially where I am from in Connecticut and in New England region, it seems like Being a Vol EMT is a Dying breed. I have seen many Vol EMS squads have dwindling membership and the...
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    Montana Firefighter Allegedly Fired Over Instagram Workout Photos

    Interesting story
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    Paramedics, nurses and pharmacists will be able to train as doctors in just three years under post-Brexit plans to tackle NHS staffing crisis

    Can you imagine being a Paramedic in the UK and being offered the opportunity to be a doctor in 3 years
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    Ranger medics save lives in Afghanistan with blood transfusions while under fire

    Two Army Rangers are alive today thanks to a program that is changing the way blood transfusions are done in combat.
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    And old Ambulance turned into a Tiny home

    How many would love to turn an old Ambulance into an RV or Tiny home Here's the Video
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    This guy went from US NAVY SEAL Corpsman to Medical Doctor to NASA Astronaut

    This guy has a resume that reads like a Fiction Novel and would render every Corpsman/Paramedic inadequate.
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    Is a Portable Ultrasound the future for EMS

    Saw this in the JEMS article and I am wondering, is the Stethoscope dying and being replaced with portable Ultrasounds
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    EMS Apps

    What is everyone's Favorite app that they use for EMS work? I wonder if we can make a grand list of EMS apps that everyone uses on the job and works.
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    Why EMS degree could be the standard come 2025

    Saw this article and what do ya think. According to the 2009 National Emergency Medical Service Educational Standards, they want to make Paramedic an Associate degree Requirement and those who specialize in Community Paramedic, Flight Medic and Critical care paramedic, get a Bachelor's degree...
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    The PJ's of the USAF

    "Rescue Rangers" USAF Pararescue ( PJs )
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    Career Advice.

    I have a question for ya. I want to know if this is possible as a career path for me. I have my BA in History and social science from ECSU and I also have my EMT as well. I know I want to go to NP or PA school and I am wondering, If I get an AAS in EMS with a Paramedic license, would it help me...