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    Daily overtime or highly hourly?

    Which is better?
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    Question above. Obviously, treat the pt, not the monitor. But there are also times in which I've had asymptomatic patients, or "little" sick ones, with a cardiac complaint - SVT, Vtach, LVAD problem, which all warranted code 3 returns. I've never seen a 2nd degree before out in the field. Would...
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    Paramedics, did you let your EMT card expire?

    Why or why not? Obviously, I know the very basic answers: No - Possibly can find employment as an EMT and to use that card as opposed to a paramedic. Got fire job as FF/EMT, use EMT card. Btw, can you use a paramedic license in lieu of an EMT card? Logically, it should be possible, but I never...
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    Why do people hate on LA County protocols?

    Why? I don't get the hate for it. Is it because you need a base order for most treatments? I hear you can't perform ALS interventions unless there are two medics on scene. Is this right? What else? Thanks
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    Paramedic recert question (California and NREMT)

    On the NREMT website, it says we need 60 hours of CEs to recert our NREMT. That is 30 of specific topics, and 30 of individual. Question is: The CEs we use to recert, can we use it on both California state license and NREMT?
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    Paramedic NREMT recert

    How does one go on about this? Granted, I barely was able to recert my EMT NREMT, and never did it again after the first time. But this, I shall never let lapse (or make a very strong effort to). On the NREMT website, it says I have to follow the traditional model, and my expiration date is...
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    Anyone heard of Redpoint solutions?

    Apparently they hire NREMT-P certified medics. Did some research, seems like they are a security company and medical is one of the services they provide. Attached is a website ^ Anyone worked security/medic? How was your experience? Any opinions?
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    What "paramedic discretion" reason have you trauma activated for?

    So obviously, all counties have different trauma activation criteria, although many are similar. So, just wondering, what have you activated for that wasn't listed? Or personally will/should. I know some counties don't have restrained rollovers as a criteria, but due to mechanism, I'd probably...
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    Where do you keep your stethoscope?

    Serious question lol. Just wondering, where do yall keep your stethoscope. I've seen many (if not most) medics don't even carry stethoscopes. Do you keep yours in a pocket? Jump bag? Hip bag? Or you just use the rig one? Also, I used a hip bag during my internship, as per school policy. Now...
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    How to get a free ride.

    1) gates outside, call 911 2) make a fake address, don't bring a wallet 3) say you have no insurance 4) say you need to go the hospital 5) wherever you need to stop, say you no longer want to go. Think this will work???
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    IYO: Which EMS system has the most strict vs most laxed protocols?

    In your opinion, which systems have you worked for or have information about that offers the strictest protocols vs more flexible protocols? Most strict meaning by the book, do this and this, in this order. Ask for a base order before doing anything. Flexible meaning more control/autonomy...
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    Anyone know anything about CTESOA?

    Or El Dorado County EMS? In terms of pay, scheduling, culture?
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    Bad preceptors/interns?

    Does anyone have experience or heard stories about bad preceptors? Why is it and what made them bad? On the other side of the spectrum, what about bad interns? Thanks, in advance. Would like to hear some stories.
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    Technically speaking, wouldn't a cookbook medic be the best medic?

    A medical director writes all of the protocols as standing orders for ems, so for a medic to following everything to the dot, he/she is following orders to a tee, exactly how his/her medical provider wants them to. Plus, it'll have the strongest chance to winning in a malpractice lawsuit because...
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    Getting hired without your state card?

    Hello, I just got my national medic cert recently (2 days ago to be exact! :)) and I was wondering is it possible or has anyone ever got hired as a medic without their state card? Granted with the promise that you'll get it very soon. Meanwhile, anything I should be doing while waiting for my...
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    Intubation tips?

    Hello, I'm doing my field internship right now, and I'm horrible with intubations. I've had about five intubation attempts and two king airways, and I failed all of my intubations. My first three attempts where in a moving rig, and my next two were were during cpr. It's definitely more difficult...
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    What is this procedure called, and do we do it commonly? Relating to IV's

    So in an IV administration set, there are a few components: the IV bag, drip set w/ tubing, and the IV catheter. Let's say IV is started and Pt is connected. If you wanted to switch that IV bag for some reason, like change the solution of the bag, or switch out the bag for a new one, would you...
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    What unusual medications have you given/seen given during a code?

    Now I'm not talking about the usual Epi and Amio/Lido drugs, and I know that different situations call for different things, and different places (ER for example) have different protocols. During my hospital clinical, I've pushed Atropine and Sodium Bicarb (that thing was difficult to push)...
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    Has any EMS provider here ever served as a witness during a trial?

    Have any of you guys been a witness for a homicide or assault trial? Just wondering what were your experiences like. I'd figure that EMS providers are usually the first healthcare providers and since they work with the police often, they may be asked to be a witness. If so, what was the process...
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    How often do you wash your uniform?

    Once every day, once every two days? One every week? I think alot about the germs and bacteria on it so I toss my clothes in the "dirty" basket, or if it's clean and I know it, i'll wear it for a 2nd day.