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  1. tydek07

    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Figured I would start a thread in case anyone has questions about being a flight paramedic. Ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer all questions. (If you are a flight paramedic and want to add your input to anything, please do so.)
  2. tydek07

    Medical transport plane headed to Mayo crashes in Lake Michigan

    Link to story:
  3. tydek07

    Protocol for pediatric hypoglycemia

    Hi all, Wondering if any of you have a protocol for pediatric hypoglycemia? We currently do not. Under our Pediatric Considerations is just states "Pediatric medication administration is per physician order only". I have been looking around online and have found several services that have a...
  4. tydek07

    Lopressor or No'pressor

    We get called to a local nursing home for a female that is weak, increased temp, lethargic, and SOB. On scene we find a 72yo female laying supine in bed with staff in the room. Staff stated that pts condition has been deteriorating for the past couple days, but do not know when it exactly...
  5. tydek07

    First Wearable Defibrillator

    Hi all, I saw this on another forum, and thought I would post here to share it with everyone. Have any of you seen these? Heard of them? I had never heard of these and think it would be different to come across someone wearing it :unsure: tydek Link to the product...
  6. tydek07

    All 48 on commuter plane die in upstate New York crash

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    Common Medical Abbreviations/Symbols

    There was a member in the chat room that stated he sometimes gets confused when he sees a medical abbrevation/term. So, I thought I would make a post of the commonly used medical abbreviations/symbols. So they are: ↑ Increase(d) ↓ Decrease(d) Ø None ♀...
  8. tydek07

    Attention General Public, May I Have Your Attention Please...

    take no credit for picture
  9. tydek07

    Someone make a contest :D

    I think this sub-forum has been lost... QUICK, someone come up with a contest :D
  10. tydek07

    You are who!

    Alrighty, I was called to a 17yo asthmatic, while at work. When we get on scene we find this 17yo home alone. She is doing much better after doing a neb. treatment and wants to go into the ER "just to get checked out". Load her up in the back and my partner starts towards the ER. About half...
  11. tydek07

    New Year's resolution '09

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what your resolution(s) is/are for the comming year? Mine is to volunteer more of my time to local groups. ^_^ Take Care,
  12. tydek07

    First dispatch shift...

    Hi everyone, Just popping in to ask you all to Wish Me Luck :rolleyes:. As I went through back-up dispatcher training 2 nights ago, and got the open dispatch shift for today. please let it be slow, please let it be slow, please let it be slow haha.... oh, how I feel for the crews that have to...
  13. tydek07

    Diagnosis Wenckebach

    Video that some students put together... Its actually pretty darn accurate! *not sure if this has been posted before
  14. tydek07

    Post Your Tree

    Hello everyone, Well, I just spent over 1 hour putting up my Christmas Tree for this year *wipes sweat off face*...Finally got the branches evenly spread out, the lights up, the christmas bulbs looking good, and the star standing straight (that star was the hardest part, haha).... So... I...
  15. tydek07

    So True

    I found this and had to share it... :rolleyes: **I take no credit for this, here is where I found it:
  16. tydek07

    Intravenous Acetaminophen?

    Ok, this was brought up in the chat room earlier today. A member stated that he saw the local ER giving Acetaminophen intravenously. I had never heard of it given this route before. I tried researching it on the internet and came up empty handed. Has anyone else heard of, or seen, it given...
  17. tydek07

    EOA Experience?

    Does anyone have any experience with the EOA (Esophageal Obturator Airway)? I am more then likely (interview on monday :rolleyes:) going to be moving to a service that uses this device. I have never used/seen/heard of this before. The only reason I found out about this device is because it is...
  18. tydek07

    IV Medication Drip Rates

    Alright, I know that there have been multiple posts about medication drip rates in the past, but I am going to bring it up again :blush: For some reason I am still having some problems with figuring out drip rates, I tend to lean on looking in my field guide a lot of the time ( :o really bad...
  19. tydek07

    Our Company's Ambulance Accident 10/7/08

    Company's Ambulance Accident 10/7/08 Well, winter hit us, only last night, and already took one of our trucks. The crew was on the way back from an out of town transfer and rolled over on interstate. They hit a patch of ice, lost control, and in the ditch they went. Crew is ok with only minor...
  20. tydek07

    Wish me luck...

    Well, I go in and take my NR Written for my medic today (8/25/08) again. Didn't pass it the first time... so have been studying off and on throughout the month and well, in 4hrs I will out if it all paid off. Just thought I would post this thread for the heck of it. Will let you know the results...