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  1. Jim37F

    Suicidal patient refusal?

    So you were dispatched 911 for a suicidal patient. They're A&O x4, GCS 15, they asked someone at the board and care place they live at to call because they're suicidal with a plan to run into traffic. Pt has a history of bipolar, schizophrenia, and high cholesterol, no known allergies, and is...
  2. Jim37F

    FDNY EMT killed in the Bronx after man steals ambulance, runs her over

    Whiskey.....Tango.....Foxtrot.......this is just heartbreakingly tragic.. The one bit of silver lining on this tragedy is that the suspect was subdued by an off-duty MTA officer on the scene and is currently in NYPD custody...
  3. Jim37F

    Motorcycle down on the Freeway

    So you're working a BLS ambulance (dual EMT.....though if you happen to work 1+1 Medic/Basic or dual Medic I wouldn't mind hearing how that changes from the dual EMT in the scenario!). It's evening rush hour in a big city. You get dispatched to a reported motorcyclist down on the Freeway (think...
  4. Jim37F

    What piece of equipment is this?

    So I was teaching a CLS class this drill weekend, and they gave me a box full of random training supplies, mostly various bandages. However in the bottom of this box there was......this thing. 10 hypodermic needles in a circle around a central needle just exposed. No earthly idea what it is...
  5. Jim37F

    Difference between disaster and MCI and MVI?

    I'm trying to find either county or state (Los Angeles County, California) definitions, specifically the difference between an MCI and an MVI and a Disaster. My Google-Fu has been extremely weak and I've been unable to find so much as a mention that there is a difference in the terms. I do...
  6. Jim37F

    So Cal PHTLS

    So I'm eying a PHTLS course on a UCLA Inglewood. The only other feasible locations within driving distance from me (at least according to NAEMT's website) are Corona and Palm Springs. I'm looking at the course primarily for CE hours to maintain my National Registry. Anyone familiar...
  7. Jim37F

    Patient Steals Ambulance (with the medics still in the back) LAFD was treating a guy who AMA'd and before the medics cleared the scene, supposedly still cleaning up in the back, he came back, charged the medics who...
  8. Jim37F

    SOB suddenly crashes after being taken to ER

    We're a BLS ambulance dispatched to a private residence for shortness of breath. Arrive on scene to find the local FD Paramedic Rescue squad on scene already, beginning their assessment. PT is a 62 yo male found sitting high fowlers in a chair in his living room. PT is conscious, alert and...
  9. Jim37F

    Fire Department single role EMT/Paramedics

    So I just found out that the Glendale Fire Department (Los Angeles County, CA) hires EMTs as part time, non sworn, Ambulance Operators. Not entirely sure if that's just as a driver or attendant as well on the BLS rigs. Basically I thought...
  10. Jim37F

    EMS/Fire/LE video games?

    At the risk of being called a wanker lol, are there any decent video games portraying the first responder community? I can't remember the name of it but I had a first person firefighter PC game back when XP was the new hotness lol
  11. Jim37F

    Different types of nurses?

    What's the difference between all the different types of nurses? I.e. RN, LVN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Discharge Planner, etc? What's their scope of practice, general duties, where they're generally found, etc. is there a "pecking order" in terms of level of care (for example I know a...
  12. Jim37F

    IFT to 911 Los Angeles County?

    So I'm a fairly new EMT-B in LA Co. Been working for my first EMT job ~4 months primarily doing BLS IFT transports. No complaints about my current company, it's just that I want to work 911 response. I'm thinking Schaefer (primarily since I live in their service area, and I have a buddy who...
  13. Jim37F

    American Professional Ambulance?

    I'm a new EMT looking for my first job, and I happened to notice a now hiring sign on the back of an APA rig in Pasadena today. So I look up their website and my first impressions is that the website was one of the better and more informative websites for an ambulance company I've seen so far...