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  1. DragonClaw

    Backspace issues on phones

    Weird bug on the site when I use my new phone. If I hit the back button it closes my keyboard. Only happens here.
  2. DragonClaw

    Electrical effects on people

    How much does electricity affect people from different sources? Lighting, would it simulate a monophasic shock?. Is Lighting AC or DC? What does a monitor defibrillate using? Is it more common or less common for people to go into arrest after being electrocuted by lightning. Why is ground...
  3. DragonClaw

    Boot tread loss?

    Boots seem to have less tread than I expect for their age. I think they're probably around 10 months old. I know I can be a heavy walker, especially around the heel, but I was washing the truck the other day and water was everywhere and on cement I could feel a little slippage. When standing...
  4. DragonClaw

    What wisdom do you have about scene safety?

    Partner and I were talking about various tactical things. I mentioned the story our VST told us about a medic being blasted through the door with like a .44 mag or something. He was DRT. VST (who was a medic or an EMT at the time) Partner said you should never stand in front of the door for...
  5. DragonClaw

    Chest issues?

    Was assist with my partner all day for a flycar CCT medic. Calls got more interesting as time went on. This last call we had a hypotensive, hypovolemic pt. Pt was on a trach and vent. Pt had norepinephrine abs prbc running. Pt was cold, going hypothermic. His ribs an chest area was super well...
  6. DragonClaw

    Comparison and discussion of Body armor

    DISCLAIMER I DO NOT THINK I'M IN DANGER AND NEED A VEST AND I WON'T BE WEARING ONE TO WORK. I'm not looking for the "Pfft you don't need body armor" comments. Don't post them. This is merely looking at opportunities. I only own a flack jacket and no real ballistic protection. I am into guns...
  7. DragonClaw

    OB Question

    Okay so I'm forgetting a word. We were in the OB ED and took a lady to the level one trauma center cause she had pre-eclampsia and twins and other high risk stuff. On the way out, one nurse points out to another nurse some vitals. They kept using this term. Like "unusual variable" or...
  8. DragonClaw

    Tourniquet questions

    Comments on a FB video of an ANTIFA dude grazed or got by a rubber bullet have me wondering. Are TQs only for arterial bleeds? Google says usually arterial, but if a venous bleed is serious, a TQ can be used. If it is a venous bleed, place it distal to the wound and not proximal as is...
  9. DragonClaw

    First patient death

    First call of the day. 97 YOF, recent STEMI. Taking her home on hospice with DNR. We make scene and my partner is primary. He gets a small report, not much to say on it. We don't allow riders unless they are or accompanying a minor. Right before departure the family is having second thoughts...
  10. DragonClaw

    NAEMT members get free hotel stays

    "Beginning April 13, you will be able to access these rooms at no cost to you through our association website. Bookings can be made in up to seven-day increments from next week and currently through May 31. We will send you additional information on where to go on our site once the booking site...
  11. DragonClaw

    How to let go.

    Long story short, many of you know me enough to know I hold onto things that hurt me. For no apparent reason other than habit. So how to you come to terms with the past? How do you make it less haunting and not a skeleton in your closet? I've tried counseling a number of times to no avail...
  12. DragonClaw

    Is it okay to go to an interview if you're not sure you want the job or not?

    Supposing you're looking for a job and you're still undecided where you'll work, is it okay to A) Submit applications to different services simultaneously. B) Decline a job offer after an interview. (Like, is that just a waste of everyone's time?) C) Get a new job but you find one you like...
  13. DragonClaw

    Questions on the AED

    1. Why doesn't it detect a pulse? Why not add a pulse Ox thing or another way to get a pulse. Is it just irrelevant because even with a good pulse, a shockable rhythm will be shocked anyway? 2. Why isn't a "professional" AED with a 12 lead and not 2 pads? Or both? How are 2 pads good enough to...
  14. DragonClaw

    What do you say instead of "You'll be fine/okay"?

    I went for my clinicals and the was a young adult women who was a bit dinged up in a MVC. She was bleeding from the head, medic wanted to put 2IVs in, only could get one, self extricated from a totaled car, etc. I kept wanting to tell her she'd be fine, but I can't actually know that and...
  15. DragonClaw

    Heart ripped out of body by deceleration/ crash

    I know a fire chief and he told me this story about a guy on a motorcycle that was running from the police. Motorcycle man was going 100, maybe more, turned to flick the pursuing cop off and then didn't see a minivan (or such) and slammed into a car. They pick up all the pieces they could...
  16. DragonClaw

    How should one dress for an interview?

    As I understand it, most places will not be impressed if you show up in cargo pants and black boots. I'll admit, I don't like slacks (mostly the lack of pockets and how tight they are) and I'm not really a fan of blouses. Would a nice pair of jeans, cowboys boots and a pearl snap buttondown...
  17. DragonClaw

    Why does an adult BVM have a 1600ml capacity?

    I mean, it takes 500ish mlS to inflate lungs and I read a lot that hyperventilation easily happens by getting a little too trigger happy with a BVM, so why the heck are that that big? At what time do you need to squeeze as hard and fast as you can?
  18. DragonClaw

    Ride along

    I'm inching closer and closer to certification, I've been poking around at jobs. I went to Medstar, did a ride along with them. I thought I'd be going out with a crew, but turns out they don't let non-employees do that? I went with a sup. Saw the city, caught the tail end of a few calls...
  19. DragonClaw

    Adulting advice needed.

    Quick note: I'm 22, still in the nest. Never been on my own. I'll be moving after I get my certification (I imagine within 2-3 months, sooner if everything lines up) and I guess I don't really know if I have all my ducks in the pond. I guess I'm not really sure I'm thinking of everything...
  20. DragonClaw

    What do you look for in boots?

    I've got to get some new boots for oral board and clinicals which should be soon, they've got to be black (as imagined), but other than that, what features do you find helpful? I am used to boots, it's kind of all I wear (walking boots, cowboy boots, 3 lbs a piece shin high hunting boots...