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    Government agencies with IFT and wheelchair service?

    I'm just curious if I can get a list or links to government, not private EMS services, that provide IFT and even wheelchair services if possible.
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    Why aren’t there Red Cross ambulances in the US?

    So as I stare down the barrel of another night shift, a thought has crossed my mind. Why don’t we have Red Cross and other relief society ambulances in the US? I mean the Red Cross was literally founded here, and in many instances across the globe they run EMS systems. Then there are groups...
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    Patches wanted!

    Specifically looking for the new NC EMD patch. The Boston EMT patch, not spelled out, just the abbreviation. Also the ACTEMS patch. Looking for primarily dispatch related patches. I have some of our system patches available for trade, and can get MD State EMT and EMD patches.
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    Thinking about advancing to ALS...

    So, I've been an EMT now for almost 6 years. Obviously I'm a career dispatcher, but I've been toying with attending local community college for an ALS program. The end goal would be to pickup some side shifts, and advance myself personally. The problem: I run with a fire department where we...
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    Anyone care to explain hosptial EMS communications in NJ?

    I'm posting this off topic as this is just purely for my own understanding. I was going through my patch collection, and have a patch from Helene Fuld Medical Center Emergency Communications. I understand the hospital now operates under a different name, but I want to know what the emergency...
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    Crisis Intervention Training Requirements

    So I'm curious to know what education requirements any of your local CISM or peer counseling service. I was invited to join our local group, which involves attending a short course, 27 hours. It was simply an introduction for us to the various methods of psychological first aid and group...
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    Bariatric Transport Units

    Since this has come up in a few personal discussions lately, I'm curious to know: 1. If your agency has a dedicated bariatric transport unit? If so can you provide an idea of the size of your agency, also what are the specs of your unit. 2. Do you feel it's a valuable asset,or an...
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    EMS Manager: Dorchester Co. MD

    Emergency Services Manager - Full Time with Benefits DEADLINE: JULY 18, 2014 Job Posting Emergency Medical Services Manager Emergency Services Department Full time with Benefits This position is responsible for the day to day management of the EMS Department under the...
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    Costs taking a toll on ambulance services

    Here's a local article to combat myth EMS is raking in the money. I think it's a pretty decent explanation of the costs and billing difficulties. Has anyone else seen similar articles popping up?
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    UK Fire Service based ambulance pilot program

    "Fire crews in Lincolnshire will be able to take patients to hospital as part of a new pilot to work more closely with the region's ambulance service." This should be an interesting development to follow.
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    Krokodil in the US Source Michael Winter,USA Today
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    Radio Hi-Jack device for Ambulance

    Source: WTOP Video about the device: Do you think it would work in the US?
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    The Dispatcher Thread

    With a long night ahead, I decided to start a dispatcher thread. Hopefully it can provide some insight into what and why we do certain things. Public Safety Answering Points PSAP Overview PSAPs (911) centers across the US have different structures. In some locations all 911 calls are...
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    Decon tent for fire scene rehab

    I just got back from a multi-alarm incident in our area.I had never thought about it before, but one of our mutual aid agency brought over a decon tent as a misting/rehab station, which worked great. In summer we deal with 90 plus degrees and 100 percent humidity at most incidents. I just wanted...
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI Fertilizer plant explosion Multiple buildings on fire and damaged including a nursing home, and apartment complex. IC advising 10+ structure fires and entrapment in the nursing home complex. Unknown pt count, but large number for sure. Confirmed FF...
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    Requesting and pre-alerting Helicopters

    A little background first: Our service area is primarily rural. The closest portion of our area to a Level III center is a minimum 15 minutes, average distance is probably 25-30 minutes, and extremes being in excess of an 90. Also, we are fortunate enough to have 5 ALS staffed transports 24/7...
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    21 Injured at Apartment Fire The fire broke out round 2230 Sunday night. We are in an all volunteer fire area with paid ems crews. While not covered in the story, our first arriving EMS units improvised and assisted in the...