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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    Where I work now, we don't; we do have a military chaplain, so they help since they are used to dealing trauma (different type, but close enough).
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    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

    Surprising how many people want the college 'name' on the wall; but no one looks. I have never gone to a doctor and said you did Medical School at U of U, not Harvard, so you are not removing my appendix. Personally I agree with you that a person who is not still paying off a million in...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    E tank; I am glad I never went the route of unloading over alcohol; but I do have the problem of family not understanding and not wanting to hear about it (Direct quote from my wife a few times, that and you need to keep it to yourself). Well keeping it to my self doesn't work so well sometimes
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    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

    CANMAN; that is great that you can and have done that. Most people can't and don't. If people were able to do that Credit Card companies wouldn't offer miles and perks like that because they would go broke. 90% of people that are going to use credit cards only for emergencies only last...
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    'Hundreds' of FDNY EMS workers could face layoffs

    Because people that work in NYC are being paid NYC wages. People that came from Utah and West Virginia to help in NYC during the 1st round of COVID crisis were being paid by their home state at their home pay rates; and when they got back home they received letters from NYS saying that they...
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    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

    1st things 1st: A: If you are just starting out in your life 1: Invest in your future early in your career. If you put in $5,000 a year for 10 years (from 20-29) into an IRA Mutual fund that earns an average of 12% (average of the S&P 500) and then never put another dime into your...
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    Part of what makes a service outstanding is the people and how they act (I feel anyway). When I worked for a private service: I worked hard, was always nice to the hospitals, and ECF's (Nursing homes). Our dispatchers had them call for our assistance even when the had contracts with other...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    I do better being able to talk to co-workers about stressful situations that have happened in the past, than talking to counselors. Not specifics but just general; sometimes not even what happened to me; but helping other crew members talk through what is bothering them after a bad run that...
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    EMT students not getting training...

    My class back in 1996 had hands on every class day. Plus had 1 Saturday half day per month over the 5 month class. Wow things have changed
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    'Hundreds' of FDNY EMS workers could face layoffs

    Same city that called for help, brought in people from other cities and states to help (at their states expenses and home pay) and then when they got home they get letters that state that they will be charged NYS taxes. Surprise.
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    Department of the Army paramedic?

    If you get SAFEPAY as a GS09 on an Army base you have it made. There is only 2 bases that medics are GS 09: Ft Leonard Wood, and 1 other one (that I can't think of right now). About 4 or 5 are GS 08. I work on an Army Base in the West, and we are in the process of being bumped from 07 to...
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    My old company it seemed like your best way to be promoted was to be lazy. If you worked hard, you were too valuable to be promoted, because they needed you on the street too much. I was actually told that by a manager, and when it pissed me off and I went to the owner he told me that same...
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    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    So Oregon will only hire brand new paramedics with a 2 year degree, over paramedics with 10 or 20 years of experience without a degree? With the exact same medical training? When I went to paramedic school, it was in a program that we could do it with or without a degree; $10,00 difference...
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    What was your first 911 call?

    I had 4 calls in a 48 hour shift this last week at PT job, and had a problem remembering what the 1st call of the week was.
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    I still hear good things about Acadian, but just through the grapevine,
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    ETCO2 of 9

    In training when we got Capnography I was able to get my RR up to 80-90 with it and SP02 on and keep it there for about 15 minutes. readings were 96-99%, and 25-30. Drove the 2 medics teaching the class crazy, because "It shouldn't be happening". Just like it shouldn't happen that I walk...
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    Transporting a Cardiac Arrest?

    PT job we don't run lights and sirens on the freeway until the last half mile going to a MVC, because our trucks max out at 75-80mph and the freeway speed is 80mph. We definitely don't run L&S transporting cause it is 100 miles either way of speeds like that. We seldom run L&S in town, but we...
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    What are you going to do when you retire?

    My old company we used to joke about working until noon the day of our funeral, and having dispatch send us out of town at 1130 for a 6 hour 1 way transport when our funeral is at 1400
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    Death of Elijah McClain

    Talking about the hallucinations that Ketamine gives to some patients I think it is interesting to give it to someone that is agitated, then the chance to give them hallucinations also: of course if you convince them that every time they fight with the police T-Rex is going to attack them...
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    Transporting a Cardiac Arrest?

    For the back of the trucks; we have 2 new ambulances with seats instead of benches; and even with them pulled all of the way out and the seatbelts as loose as possible there is no way you could do compressions while wearing seat belts. No CPR seat.