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    Snake Bite Talk

    While I never had to take a snake bite pt, It's always a possibly out here in the backwoods where I'm at. It's a call you tend to forget about until you get it, then it's an "oh sh**" moment.
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    A "What would you do" situation

    In response to your questions, the patient was fine in all aspects aside from the belly ache. She was tolerating the oral glucose as best as she could. The patient didn't have a HX of diabetes however she said she was a borderline diabetic (I apologize for not mentioning that the first time). Pt...
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    A "What would you do" situation

    First let me give you some backround on what I'm talking about... Where our dept lies is right on the county line. We are dispatched from the county that most of our station sits on basically. We frequently get requests to assist our neighboring Ambulance in the other county. Our county has...
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    Can we stop some of these, please ?

    Rid, while I don't doubt your facts and respect the level of education you have, I can't stand to read about the volunteer bashing. I feel as though the more appropriate way to label the volunteer is to look at the good they are doing across the county as compared to the bad and to go after...
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    Can we stop some of these, please ?

    I agree, but to make a statement that basically says all volunteer's are just doing a "hobby" is absurd. We train weekly, a lot more than we used to. It's made us a better team and as far as I'm concerned a better provider for our community. I'm very proud to be a volunteer and to do it for free...
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    Can we stop some of these, please ?

    That's right, volunteers don't care about Patient care, it's a hobby. That's a great attitude to have my friend. I hope you never crash in hickville or take a coronary, then you'll have a bunch of people that just volunteer and are taking part in their "hobby" come to help you. I think it's...
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    Can we stop some of these, please ?

    As long as small towns across the US have low call volume and small populations, Volunteer's will continue to be the staffing of choice for fire and EMS. As far as the education standards go for an EMT, they should definatey be increased as well as be more extensive. I can honestly say after...
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    I ran over a rabbit

    You should have just backed up and over him therefore finishing him off. Sounds terrible but it's better than suffering. The police shoot the deer that are still alive after being hit, it's all you can do.
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    Does biking help running speed?

    I was thinking the same thing as far as biking goes, I'm sure it does as marineman said, swimming is excellent cardio however I lack in the swimming aspect of things (I usually sink like a rock) and I'll second your community pool statement.
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    you as well!!!

    you as well!!!
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    Uninsured MVC

    True, however, with she being at fault for obvious reasons and driving on the wrong side of the road let alone a road that she wasn't familiar with, as well as running the stop sign, tells me she doesn't have the cleanest of driving records. Just my opinion...
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    Uninsured MVC

    What do you have as far as a vehicular? Sounds pretty bad a$$. If she was uninsured and crashed she will be much more SOL than you are, granted it sucks for you, but she won't be driving for a a very long time and judging by the sounds of it, is a good thing.
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    Im well, Just working as usual, how are you? Thanks for the add!!

    Im well, Just working as usual, how are you? Thanks for the add!!
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    thank you for being my friend

    thank you for being my friend
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    EMT-B courses for people under 18

    I agree with most posts here, in Pa one can become an EMT at 16, which in my opinion is stupid. You can't be "unsupervised" until your 18 so what difference does it make if your 16 and an EMT? aside from gaining and using parts of your knowledge it's pointless (if your 16, you are still a child...
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    Motorola CM300 VHF Mobile

    Up for sale is my Motorola CM300 VHF radio. Radio works great, no problems getting out at all. It shows some signs of use being a mobile but nothing really bad. Looking to get $325 OBO. PM for more info. Pics available upon request, I have no way of programming the radio... sorry!!
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    Anybody have a copy of SOP's/SOG's?

    Thanks for the links thus far. What I'm looking for is more or less guidelines within the station, for example, biohazard's (what to do with...) when to wear turnout gear, what to do with personnell issues, radio procedure etc. I know some guidelines I've seen are quite extensive, but we have no...
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    Anybody have a copy of SOP's/SOG's?

    Was wondering if anyone has a copy of their departments SOP's and SOG's. I'm in the process of making them but a base to start from would be great. My service is all volunteer so volunteer SOP's/G's would be best. Thanks in advance!!
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    I was a ride along, I got the attitude of disgruntled medics. It definately made me mad, but found the experience wonderful. I defiantely learned more doing it that just reading it in text. There is no way you can take an EMT class and tell if you like it without going out and doing it. As I...
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    Cardiac patient walked down stairs, medics don't document it

    No, people love to point out on this forum that paramedics are so professional and they have an education and that they are best people ever. EMT's suck, we know squat. This time a medic screwed up, proving that education and professionalism doesn't make you a better provider. It did satisfy my...