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  1. Stevo

    Deja Vu

    Hi Matt, well i'm back in the local R&R circuit >>> ~S~
  2. Stevo

    Deja Vu

    Thx but...I don't see as I had much choice. My retirement includes playing out again, i'm singin' with the sinners in cheesy bars , no more cryin' with all you saints So one night a dude goes over backwards in his barstool , 3 of us where on him, an retired RN, an ex Nav Corpsman along...
  3. Stevo

    Deja Vu

    Thank you all for yours, knowing many of you have may be on duty and/or leaving the family at the table to run today. ~S~
  4. Stevo

    Deja Vu

    This site graciously sent me a Thanksgiving greeting...…...all very nice ...but..... I don't do this anymore, 30 yrs was enough, L2&3 are junk, i'm old, ugly , no longer have a scanner , don't read the papers , game over, retired with all the usual cha cha commendations...done, gone thank you...
  5. Stevo

    Resignation letter

    well that is nice of you to say Matt it was an experience i'll not soon forget ~S~
  6. Stevo

    Resignation letter

    thanks i'd like to think i got it right a few times what seems really odd is the radio silence since i've turned in all my gear almost hard to sleep w/o them.... ~S~
  7. Stevo

    Resignation letter

    To my EMS family out there, I bid you all farewell now. My time with you has been special, and it's been an honor as well as privilege to serve with all of you. I've learned a lot from each of you. Knowing I’ve been a bit of a PITA over the years, I hope I can part on good terms with you all...
  8. Stevo

    Renaissance man.....

    [i]<splice>]/i] so that's how the wod's works in a small town, which if it's any indication of it's extensive nature across this nation should be cause for alarm. anythine a system is creates incentive allowing for personal departmental gain mitigating public problems much of it's good...
  9. Stevo

    Renaissance man.....

    Hey there Stevo! We haven't seen you around the forum lately. At least start a post in the lounge and let us know how you're doing! you asked for it.... Once there was a way to get back home..... I can vividly recall when , as a rookie, i asked one of the more experienced emt's about...
  10. Stevo

    starting a new class on attitude

    anyone who serves in the most perephrial setting of western medicine usually concludes it merely addresses the physical. the fact is , we're physical, emotional, spiritual beings. the alternates have addressed this for millenia, but because we have subscribed to imperalistic sciences as...
  11. Stevo

    Chicago Man Allegedly Beaten By Paramedic

    we went through this denial withe the deputy that shot the unarmed Iraqi vet on the ground last year didn't we? every outlandish excuse was offered up in the leo's favor iirc, said leo is now a convict... so let's cut to the chase, and own up to the fact that there are sorts among us...
  12. Stevo

    Pts Who Are On A Truck More Than You

    well maconEMS219 is there a right $$$ for wasting a precious resource? 911 is for emergency services, and people like this who cry wolf because they wish to gain their families sympathy unfairly tie up that resource for the rest of us. I don't know how your dept bills out, but i'd ask that...
  13. Stevo

    Family calls 911 from ER

    don't you mean canyon Flight-LP? seems our capatalist market based self mitigating medical system is assuming the same wait time of countries that have NHC clicky but that notion, one in which a governance actually cares about the populance it serves is just so icky, isn't it...
  14. Stevo

    What type of junk do you keep in your trunk?

    yes one gets more junk-n-da-trunk as the years go on so what? ~S(does this jump suit make my trunk look big?)tevo~
  15. Stevo

    Pts Who Are On A Truck More Than You

    what would i have done? well, if the powers that be required me to sit around with a known repeat offender hypocondriac while something serious went shorthanded i'd definitely ask that the protocals reflect it ~S~
  16. Stevo

    Dangerous dogs

    the poor little girl is probably traumatized physically and emotionally for life, and all because people don't understand you can't domesticate some animals out of the purpose they were bred for... ~S~
  17. Stevo

    Full Disclosure

    i'd still say you more lucid, and orate with more focus that most of the powers that be Firetender take heart, people are waking up to the fact they are living in an oligarhy that answers to a global plutocracy we, the underlings, the orphans of health care, are in the streets talking to...
  18. Stevo

    Where to start??

    unless you've gone for your emt-P , there's more $$$ in asking if you 'want fries with that' RISK ~S~
  19. Stevo


    gee, we haven't seen any class A personalities in ems, have we? ~S~
  20. Stevo

    have no fear

    Bossycow, did you catch all the louisiana NG watching their homes wash away in Katrina from Iraq? yeah, heck of a job there Brownie.... and who did they appoint to the Congressional investigative subcommitte? Brownie, that's who now seriously, this joke for 'the powers that be' can...