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  1. OCEMT949

    CPR endurance exercises?

    That way gravity can do its job😂😂
  2. OCEMT949

    NREMT- JB learning

    If you have an android there are a bunch of free apps. I have used EMT Pocket Prep. Pocket Prep is good because they give you the answers and explaination along with the textbook page and chapter. There is one thats just called EMT Prep. And another free one called EMT Trainer. For the paid ones...
  3. OCEMT949

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    I took the scantron the first time. Then I let I let it lapse and just took it again on computer yesterday. I prefer the old way.
  4. OCEMT949

    NREMT- JB learning

    Are you looking for just free resources? I can recommend some free and some pay sites that I have used to pass the emt. Also know there are a ton of YouTube videos that help as well.