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    EMERGENCY Ambulance questions?

    Yes I will, thank you. I was just wondering how others liked it there. I have a friend who's going thru the hiring process, and he says so many good things. Just wanted to hear more, but I am definitely filling an application. Thank you.
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    EMERGENCY Ambulance questions?

    Anywho who has worked at emergency ambulance on Brea in California. What did you think of it? What's dispatch like? Hours? And management? Thank you.
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    Care Ambulance calls.

    When working for Care do they start you off immediately with 911 calls or with IFT calls and then move you up the ladder? I am applying, and just wanted to know how it works with them, and or McCormick.
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    Would a petrolatum gauze be good for an open chest wound?

    gotcha! tape down on 3 sides as well?
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    What wound be the proper usage for non-adherent dressing?

    Just want to make sure i got it right for when the time comes.
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    Would a petrolatum gauze be good for an open chest wound?

    i always thought it was plastic like material taped on 3 sides, but would it work with petrolatum gauze taped 3 sides as well?
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    What medications should we all know?

    Besides O2, glucose, charcoal, nitro, and epi. What other medications should an EMT-B know. For example; Haldol, Zofran, Coreg, whats other medications should we know about.
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    Why can't COPD pts be on a non rebreather mask?

    I literally forget how that works out.
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    911 shifts.

    I have my first 911 shift coming up, I'm nervous, because my skills are rusty, and I've never driven code 3. Does anyone have any advice, or experience they would like to share?
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    Whats it like being an AO?

    Thank you so much for all this information! I did not know any of this. I am applying for my city's (Long Beach) AO position. Any advise you recommend to me? anything else that I should know?
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    Whats it like being an AO?

    The FD in my city is looking for AOs. And i plan on applying, but how does it work? Can it be dual EMTs or 1:1 emt and medic? I work for an ambulance company at the moment so I'm used to IFTs, 911, and paperwork. Any help or advice is appreciated thank you!
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    I'm sorry for asking, but whats a stemi?

    What's a STEMI? What's it mean? How do you check for it? How can you know? Sorry for a really dumb question.
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    Paramedic schools in California?

    I got the BOG wavier at my CC, but they don't have a medic program. What can I do?
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    Paramedic schools in California?

    I live in the Long Beach area, does anyone recommend a paramedic school around this area?
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    New partners!

    What questions do YOU ask your new partners to keep things alive and not dry during a 24 hr shift?
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    Traction Splints help.

    When using a traction splint, for a leg fracture, and the bone is protruding outward, do we still use manual traction and traction it with the splint by pulling?
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    I'll be that guy, who gets scared.

    Well guys I had a 24 yesterday and I had a pt with MRSA and his skin touched mines, and he used my pen, is there a great risk I could get it? Has this ever happened to you?
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    When doing IFT calls how do you report to the nurse?

    Whats the order you go in? or what do you write. Someone told me to remember HAM (history, allergies, and medications). Thanks! and when you got all the information how do you repeat it to the receiving staff?
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    What are your meals?

    What meals do you guys prepare the night or day before your shift? I'm tired of eating out at fast food joints. What foods or recipes do you prepare? I'm look preferably for foods you can leave in your backpack or lunch box? thanks!
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    What was your first day like?

    I'm a first time EMT, and tomorrow is my first day as a trainee. I am honestly freaking out right now, because I fear I will mess up big time and get fired. I have been reading my companies policy and its still hard to understand, and I fear I wont live up to the expectations I'm suppose to be...