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  1. gkygrl

    Haix Sizing and Width

    True to size I usually wear a men's size 9 (better than a women's 10 or 10.5). I just got a pair of Haix Airpower R1's (men's 9) and they fit true to size and feel great. I actually bought a pair of the "seconds" but I am unsure what the defect was. Absolutely nothing I can figure out and...
  2. gkygrl

    Do you have a nickname?

    Hoop .... My chief calls me "Hoop" and I have no idea what it means. Any enlightenment on the nickname?
  3. gkygrl

    Question about passing NREMT-B

    Agreed .. I agree with Tim ... focus on those areas that are weaker. I used EMTPrep to guide me and test myself, but there are so many different ways of doing it. It isn't that hard ... but you have to know what you DON'T know in order to pass it. :o
  4. gkygrl

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Passed - up on the site in 3 hours! I just happened to check the NREMT site and saw that even though I took the test at 1:15 this afternoon (it's now 4:40) I passed! Mine stopped at 88 questions or so. Level: NREMT -- Exp: 3/31/2015 Maybe a couple of hours is a RECORD for being up on...
  5. gkygrl

    NREMT yesterday!

    Congrats! I am taking the NREMT today (at 1:15 EST) and already took and passed the NYS EMT cert. I just decided to do the Nationals to put myself through more test anxiety I guess! DOH! I did plan it on a Monday so the scores should be up within a day or two. I've done ok in practice ...
  6. gkygrl

    NREMT Practice Quiz Resource Thread

    This looks like a great site and they offer a military discount (just waiting to hear on that)
  7. gkygrl

    NYS EMT Curriculum and Practical

    NYS 1 Year Window I can confirm that there is a 1 year window for the practical for NYS. I have received authorization from the head of my County EMS (he did something by computer to set it up). I'm just waiting to get the final push from the NREMT site. "Authorization To Test In Progress...
  8. gkygrl

    NYS EMT Curriculum and Practical

    Yeah, since you took the class recently you'd be in that 1 year window too. Why not. Can't hurt. :)
  9. gkygrl

    NYS EMT Curriculum and Practical

    Thank you!!! Thank you! it did finally come .... now I am thinking while I am in that mode and have studied the NREMT stuff anyway ... take the written test. I already have my application online and it's paid for -- they've requested proof of my class and didactic testing from the County...
  10. gkygrl

    NYS EMT Curriculum and Practical

    I just received my EMT-B card (NYS) and was wondering if I wanted to get my NREMT cert does it require and entirely new psychomotor testing (even if done in May 12) or will that grandfather me in for the test? I am unsure if there is a standard answer to this but I just wanted to see if any...
  11. gkygrl

    first post, took the NY emt-b exam on May 17... hoping for the best

    Good to know. I'm going to try to forget about it and go enjoy the sun. Congrats!
  12. gkygrl

    first post, took the NY emt-b exam on May 17... hoping for the best

    Long wait Longggggggg wait. Oh well ;) I'll just have to deal with it and hope I don't get a small envelope instead!
  13. gkygrl

    first post, took the NY emt-b exam on May 17... hoping for the best

    June 21 NYS EMT-B exam Did you get your results from NYS yet? It's only been a little over a week for me and my nerves are shot (LOL). I keep dreaming I got a 69 or something dumb like that (although I did well on our county test and the in class and practice tests). I found the written a...
  14. gkygrl

    Results haven't come yet?

    Test results Hi there, I am in the NYS EMT-B written exam waiting game now too. It's only been a week and I am going nuts. When you got your results - what did they send you - just want to know what to anticipate. Is it the big envelope, small envelope rule for NYS too? :ph34r:
  15. gkygrl

    I start school soon any advice????

    Had a great class. Fast-paced ... no time for nerves. Exciting and motivating. OP, we did not have uniforms or anything like that. We are expected to look professional and act professional. When we do our Clinical experience in the ER ... business dress.
  16. gkygrl

    I start school soon any advice????

    I am starting class tonight (after 4 separate days of ride-a-longs with a local agency) ... and although the two are separate, I am hoping they merge soon (the agency needs to vote on me at their meeting and after reference checks, etc) :) Good luck in class to the OP! I've got some serious...
  17. gkygrl

    Ham Radio

    Great to hear that. I am in the same boat as you - but have not been at Ham for 10 years yet. Starting EMT training in a couple of weeks. Good luck drummer boy (I'm also a drummer - so we have some stuff in common. ;)
  18. gkygrl

    Ham Radio

    Spedz, awesome. General and Extra are so much fun. Playing with more HF privileges is great! Good luck!
  19. gkygrl

    Hey EMS PTA, just wanted to stop by to say hello. Glad to be your first friend on the forum...

    Hey EMS PTA, just wanted to stop by to say hello. Glad to be your first friend on the forum. Just starting out ... loving it so far.
  20. gkygrl

    EMT Reality Check

    First day of ride-alongs ... Did my first day of ride-alongs and orientation and it was awesome. I found that I was able to keep my stamina even with several back-to-back calls and taking a lot of information in. I loved it. Some down time and up time. I ended up staying almost 2 hours...