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  1. Monroe485-281

    Why do we do it?

    I was talking to my partner who is a medic/RN and has been for about 18 years and i asked her a question. It was a simple question but one neither of us can answer. Why do we do what we do? What makes us so different from the rest of society, that we can witness all that we see and we just move...
  2. Monroe485-281

    Are You kidding me?

    re my medic has a quote, one i like to reiterate in times like this, dead is dead and you cant fix dead. She said she has been a student for a while, what 'a while' means i dont know.
  3. Monroe485-281

    Are You kidding me?

    You are a rural volunteer EMS department you and a medic are at the building when you get toned for an elderly gentleman possible MI. Your medic starts the squad and you call the S.O. for more info. The S.O. deputy that answers is also a basic who runs with your dept. He gives you the address...
  4. Monroe485-281

    Theme Song Needed....

    myspace has a really good band Sequoyah Rain they have an awesome song called Angel its a band of medics they're really good
  5. Monroe485-281

    What Should I do??

    I was hired in late december at a private ambulance company i never really got along with my supervisor hes an arrogant cocky field medic/supervisor....well around the end of january begining of february my 3y/o brother started having severe seizures that would last for several minutes usually...