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  1. jtb_E10

    5.11 Mens EMS Pants

    Brand New 5.11 Mens EMS Pants (Navy) Size 38"Waist x 30"inseam. I have 2 pair. $50 for both pair. $30 for one pair.
  2. jtb_E10

    2 Motorola VHF Radios (narrow band capable)

    2 Motorola MT 2000 model VHF radios 136-174 mHz. One has full keypad/display and other has top mounted display. The full keypad display has brand new housing and looks brand new! Will need reprogrammed with your own frequencies etc. Pics on request...
  3. jtb_E10

    5.11 Push Pack

    For Sale: 5.11 Push+R+Pack (see below link for picture) $40 Shipped (Only Accept Paypal)
  4. jtb_E10

    Meret Omni Pro BLS/ALS Bag

    For sale: 1 Red Meret Omni Pro BLS/ALS Bag Asking $225 Can email pics to interested parties....
  5. jtb_E10

    MCI at Indiana State Fairgrounds

    Yes. It sounds like all public safety workers as well as civilians all did a very good job on the scene.
  6. jtb_E10

    New Chevy G-4500

    I work out of one every 4th day for 24 hours. I have had NO bad experiences with it. Mechanically they run 10x better than any ford ambulance I have every worked out of. We have had some issues in the past with ford engines in our Horton ambulances. We went with Braun's Chief XL w/ the Chevy...
  7. jtb_E10

    MCI at Indiana State Fairgrounds

    40+ injured, 5 dead after a concert stage rigging was blown over onto a crowd of several concert goers by a large wind gust just before a severe storm last night in Indianapolis, IN. Below is the link to the local news story as well as the youtube video of the collapse that was caught on camera...
  8. jtb_E10

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Paramedic National Registry Paramedic Exam taken today at 1100 hrs, stopped at 82 questions, and just found out 3 hrs later that I passed!
  9. jtb_E10


    Take my NREMT-Paramedic exam tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM...I am almost as excited as I am nervous!
  10. jtb_E10

    EMT Shear sheath

    anyone interested in these..I found on and purchased one today... just fyi.. Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. jtb_E10

    Glide Scope

    My service has a demo glidescope we received about a week ago. I think it is very neat, and would be great for the difficult airways, kinda takes the challenge out of intubation...Still a great piece of equipment.
  12. jtb_E10

    Topic paper for Medic Class

    thanKs everyone. i chose Tactical EMS
  13. jtb_E10

    Topic paper for Medic Class

    Any good topics anyone can suggest???
  14. jtb_E10

    UHF or VHF

    We use 800Mhz...
  15. jtb_E10

    Very Tired...and kinda bored sitting at work...

    Very Tired...and kinda bored sitting at work...
  16. jtb_E10

    Wanted: EMS Shields/Badges they have stock EMT badges that run about 15 dollars a piece or so...
  17. jtb_E10

    Wanted: EMS Shields/Badges You can design one online and see it before you order..I have ordered one off here before and it is great quality...
  18. jtb_E10

    Impatiently Waiting...

    I got letter in mail today..starts on august 17th...
  19. jtb_E10

    Does your BLS protocal incl. glucose monitor finger-stick?

    thats a negative in Indiana....only EMT-Advanced and up can here...
  20. jtb_E10

    Quality EMS agencies

    Got my letter today!!!