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  1. nomofica

    MCI at Indiana State Fairgrounds

    Scary stuff; brings back many memories of Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta a couple years back I was involved in. Currently listening to the FD radio traffic that was uploaded to YouTube. Great response, everyone seemed to manage to stay calm and handle it perfectly.
  2. nomofica

    Not quite my first death, but close

    Although my HIPAA is not present in my country, nor are there really any such organizations (just service protocols, which cover the same things), this would not be a violation of anything (again, in my country). It's not against any rules, protocols, or guidelines to point to an article and...
  3. nomofica

    Well, there goes my career...

    Thanks! It's not the first time I've been a pt (I have an unexplainable frequent sinus tach that can, at random, spike to the point where breathing can be difficult (although very rare, it's happened a couple times and required a trip to the hospital via EMS). I'm already seeing a professional...
  4. nomofica

    How NOT to interact with the press at a scene

    Even LEOs can't make him leave. He's not on private property. With LEOs involved, it would probably just turn into another "photographer arrested by police, charges dropped within an hour" story.
  5. nomofica

    Oilfield EMR/EMT season work schedule?

    Yes, the work is there year round. As an EMR, don't expect to do too much (this is situation specific; you may get to do a lot - but remember your scope of practice).
  6. nomofica

    Advanced Paramedic recognition in Canada.

    Probably because the EMS system in Alberta is outstanding (right up until Alberta Health Services took over most of EMS in Alberta). OP: I can't say for certain, but I don't think there's an equivalency exam in Alberta from your system, which means you may have to go back to school. Remember...
  7. nomofica

    How NOT to interact with the press at a scene

    For a disclaimer regarding my views, I'm writing this from the perspective of a firefighter, prehospital health care provider, and as a photographer. Despite not seeing the events leading up to the start of this video, from was was recorded she is completely in the wrong. It doesn't matter how...
  8. nomofica

    Well, there goes my career...

    Thank you, everyone. It's nice to have a "support team" of sorts. Clibb: I've thought about becoming an instructor. Perhaps not as one for the same level which I am trained, but instead an advanced first aid/CPR instructor. First I'd have to take an instructor certification course. It's a...
  9. nomofica

    The Man in the Wagon

    Linuss, I had no idea our birthdays were 3 days apart! Happy birthday, buddy!
  10. nomofica

    Losing weight without a gym

    Not-so-real answers: You can get hit by a car while on the job and spend 6 months recovering before you can really do anything (I lost 40 pounds :glare: ), though I don't really recommend that one at all. Another way would be to starve yourself or induce vomiting (again, neither of which I...
  11. nomofica

    Paramedic Polygraph in Canada? (or elsewhere)

    As an Albertan I can probably give you better information than anyone else on this site (not to gloat; there just aren't very many Albertans here) First, congrats on your decision. It will be long, but fun. Secondly, while smoking marijuana is not legal in Canada, the police are rather...
  12. nomofica

    MVA witnessed with Pt on your truck?

    If I do not have a patient, I will stop. If I have a patient and they are stable, I will stop. If I have a patient and they are very ill/injured, I will not stop. Also, the severity of the accident will be a determining factor in whether or not I will stop. Fender bender, no. Small collision...
  13. nomofica


    I have seen far too many hypo/hyperglycemic patients brushed off as ETOH (and I have seen far too many of these written as fact with no proof). I haven't dealt with any other situation where either ETOH or hypo/hyperglycemia were not true but pt still appeared ETOH so I'm not sure what else...
  14. nomofica

    Gays in EMS

    Things that I care about when it comes to coworkers (in no particular knowledge): 1) Knowledge 2) Skill 3) Attitude 4) Work ethics 5) Compatibility (important to a much lesser extent, but face it - not everyone is going to get along with each other) Things I don't care about when it comes to...
  15. nomofica

    the 100% directionless thread

    I had a really awesome time today. The girlfriend and I spent the entire day canoeing/fishing. It was really nice just to get out of the house and do something I haven't been able to do for years. I also had a nice long nap in the back of the truck on the way home haha.
  16. nomofica

    New EMT

    Good luck! Always remember to be aware of your surroundings. Take it from me!
  17. nomofica

    Well, there goes my career...

    No, I get the migraines NOW. I didn't get them when I was dying. lol
  18. nomofica

    the 100% directionless thread

    Sounds like somebody forgot to pack some food.
  19. nomofica

    Medic while in college

    Medic student AND full-time bio student? No. It's not even remotely feasible. Hell, a good amount of people can't handle medic school by itself!
  20. nomofica

    Well, there goes my career...

    Thanks! After I got over my funk I realized that this whole thing is what I make of it. If I can have fun and retain my sense of humor, then there's nothing that says this entire experience has to suck completely. I've been on here and there since the accident but, as I mentioned before...