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  1. Fireguy

    We just got attacked...

    This is why every unit should be equiped with the Trunk Monkey! Hey! It even helps when the police pull you over! Maybe this is the answer for the next run with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.:)
  2. Fireguy

    DC Paramedic/Firefighter

    Oh, just wanted to clarify this! I know they are cross TRAINING but I was wondering how they work.
  3. Fireguy

    DC Paramedic/Firefighter

    Does anyone here have any information on being a dual role Paramedic/Firefighter for the District of Columbia? Do they just ride the engines or do they staff the ambulance as well? I heard someone say that they work in rotations from the engine to ambulance, any truth in that? I have already...
  4. Fireguy

    Have I lost my mind?

    Believe me, you do not want an MRE here. Atleast not after baking inside an armored vehicle in over 100 degree weather. I used to eat with the IPs, whatever they were having for thier meal. Can't do that anymore though:sad:
  5. Fireguy

    Have I lost my mind?

    Well, how you get treated all depands on the unit. With that said, the medics get treated pretty well in my unit(more so than we do).
  6. Fireguy

    Your opinion on the future of EMS

    Do not label all volunteer services as awful. After all, if a volunteer/combination service can get awarded the Departmentof Health's EMS Agency of the Year for thier perticular state then I would say that they are very professional. As for the HOBBY comment, many volunteers dedicate thier...
  7. Fireguy

    Part time Ambulance? It's a pretty good job search engine.
  8. Fireguy

    Alternatives to Blood

    I know they took Hextend out of our combat lifesaver bags(first aid), I'm not sure if the combat medics still carry or not.
  9. Fireguy

    Online Paramedic Program

    Thanks to everyone for your input. I believe when the time comes, I will go with the traditional classes.
  10. Fireguy

    Opinion: Military veteran medics could alleviate critical shortage

    "That's why this amendment calls for veterans to undergo a regimen that accounts for their previous training and experience and prepares them to operate in a civilian environment." I believe that is a great idea. Create a specific program just for transitioning vets. It is also important to...
  11. Fireguy

    Snake Bite Talk

    I never had a snake bite PT(knock on wood). One night at the fire station we received a phone call for a snake in someones basement. We told them to call the state police because they would gladly handle that. The homeowner replied with a snicker, "already did and they told me to call you".
  12. Fireguy

    Online Paramedic Program

    How does an online program look to an employer? Would it make any difference? I mean as long as it is accredited.
  13. Fireguy

    Age and firearms

    WOW, we can't slip anything by you. Its called shooting to Eliminate the threat and if you want to get technical it varies by state when you can shoot. Depending on what kind of threat is presented and where you are at the time.
  14. Fireguy

    Age and firearms

    See look, your already thinking like a member of the military. Controlled pair, center mass and a safety round to the head.^_^
  15. Fireguy

    Woman kills 3 week old baby, eats it

    Gloria Sanchez, Otty's aunt, said her niece had been "in and out of a psychiatric ward." Where was child protective services on this one? The hospital called child services after my 3 y/o nephew fell off the bed and hit his head. Yet the delivering hospital lets the baby go home with...
  16. Fireguy

    Age and firearms

    I'm for concealed carry 24/7 along with the proper training. Read this article, it may change some minds.
  17. Fireguy

    Online Paramedic Program

    Pennsylvania This perticular program is hosted by Harrisburg Community Collage.
  18. Fireguy

    Uncooperative c-spine patients?

    Violent drunk with head trauma after crash. Two state troopers and a roll of 3in tape later and they were on the way to the ER. By the way, no need to lecture me on this one. I was with the FD and had nothing to do with it.
  19. Fireguy

    Online Paramedic Program

    What do you guys think about a online paramedic program? I have read on other online discussions that they are frowned upon. The online portion will replace the classroom (lecture) only (currently 6 hours / week). Once each week students need to attend a clinical lab on campus. The hospital...
  20. Fireguy

    Dumbest thing you have been asked

    We put up a poster outside the station for volunteer recruitment. The headlines in big red letters read "VOLUNTEERS NEEDED". We had someone walk in and ask about the pay and benefits.:huh: