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    Recovering old account

    Any admins out there willing or able to help me regain access to my old account? Have been inactive since 2018, but would like to lurk and contribute again. lol - Flight-LP Oh, and hello again old friends!
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    What unusual medications have you given/seen given during a code?

    And that was the first drug I yanked from the formulary when I arrived. Absolutely pointless.
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    NorCal Interview coming up soon! What should I be prepared for?

    It appears you've already answered your own question.............
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    Critical Care Ops

    Interestingly enough, the acquisition was through the California based LLC company, not the parent company. They are now owned by the same folks, but are going to remain (for now) separate brands and companies. So far it has worked smoothly..........
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    Not quite that simple................... Primaxin isn't used for sepsis (organism susceptibility) or meningitis (doesn't cross the BBB) and its cost is generally prohibitive for most EMS services. It's also not the safest option for kids and pregnant females. Works great for CF infections...
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    ^ I I I This......... There are too many variables present in treating SIRS, sepsis, and septic shock for the pre-hospital environment to adequately and efficiently begin antibiotic treatment. Just a few off the top of my head............... Pharmacokinetic issues with metabolism and...
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    Starting a contracting business.

    And there goes the bullet though the foot........... Sad that he went out of way to include that particular location, lol.
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    Sadly several posts in this thread completely debunk that opinion.............
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    Capnography and Infants

    I concur. Accuracy in the neonate is still inconclusive and as CANMAN mentioned, the appliance itself can cause some complications when it comes to ventilating these fragile newborns. As Neo and preemie tubes are uncuffed, it literally is less than a cm between "in place" and "somewhere else...
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    Pediatric drug dosages

    Again, cite a reputable source. Your numbers mean nothing unless substantiated by validated research and science. Yet in your original post you cite "BiCarb = the weight". No mention of concentration (8.4% vs. 4.2%) or multiple options. Same thing for Dextrose, which by the way is moving away...
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    Pediatric drug dosages

    You should never assume.......... No I do not use a BROSELOW tape, although it along with the pedi wheel, crash cards, or other reputable reference guides are significantly better than guesstimating and using false assumptions of weight based on age. Take that generalization and add it to a...
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    Pediatric drug dosages

    Um, no.............. Anything less than accurately dosing your medications based on the child's actual weight is completely unacceptable. This is a cool little trick to show your friends, but horrible advice to give any practitioner. Do it right the first time and every time.
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    Vanbulances (Type II) for ALS?

    This.............. I always chuckle when I hear the whining about how inefficient type II units are. IFTs can be done in them.......... 911 can be done in them........... CCT can be done in them........... IABP / ECMO can be done in them............. NICU / PICU can be done in...
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    REACH Air Medical - Houston

    REACH Air Medical has just posted 2 full time Flight Paramedic positions for their Houston hybrid based program. Medics affiliated with this program are assigned to either the High Risk Maternal or Pediatric Transport Team and also assists the Neonatal Transport Team with twin / other multiple...
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    Moving to texas! need some help

    Yes, Eagle Med opened last summer based at Hooks Airport, REACH has been in the Med Center since 2011.
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    Moving to texas! need some help

    REACH Air Medical and Eagle Med also have Houston bases. REACH is actively hiring in Houston and will likely have an additional 3-4 fulltime openings in the very near future.
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    Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

    Yup, typical AMR............ We didn't win so we are going to whine about it and throw out accusations. Fact of the end matter is that Falck is the largest private ambulance provider in the world with financial and operational success that far surpasses AMR and Rural Metro. They hold not only...
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    Any Emtlife oldies, like me, still around?

    '04 here.............. God, it's been 10 years already?!?!
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    Acadian SMS (Remote Medic)

    Got an issue with pregnant medics? Or pregnant oil workers?
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    Looking at Moving to Texas

    Mostly private / 3rd government.