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  1. daedalus

    British Medical Journal says Santa is a bad influence

    What a crock of shiit. I cannot even believe someone put this in a medical journal. Milk grows strong bones.
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    Laid off at hospital, signed up for medic school yesterday.

    Actually many medical schools only require you to complete 90 college units before applying. However, in practice, most applicants and matriculants have a BS/BA.
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    Finally ! Someone who cares about BLS and EMT's

    10 characters. See above, my responses in bold.
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    Finally ! Someone who cares about BLS and EMT's

    Actually, only around about 20% of charts done by most PA-Cs are signed off by physicians in most states. The number of charts needed to review are getting smaller, and in some states the only supervision requirement is meeting once a month with the supervising physician. I know of a PA who...
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    Finally ! Someone who cares about BLS and EMT's

    Every patient that goes to the ED is eventually seen by the physician or PA. Why does EMS think that just because someone stubbed a toe, they should get seen by the lowest level provider? Paramedics are *supposed* to be experts in prehospital medicine. They should probably be dispatched to...
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    Hyperkalemia and Albuterol

    Are we talking IVP or nebulized? In our class scenarios we gave sodium bicarb and calcium chloride for ^K+ and albuterol was second line.
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    EMTs and employment

    The intent of this thread is not even to be a negative nancy, and the career potential in EMS is so cool and to help someone on their time of need is what drove us all here in the first place (most of us, hopefully). We can achieve this but not how we are doing it now.
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    EMTs and employment

    There have been numerous threads recently about EMTs looking for employment in California, and elsewhere in the United States. Even more threads about how to pass the NREMT, where to get an ambulance drivers certificate, and questions about scope of practice. There has even been a discussion...
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    ACEP and the myths of emergency medicine

    Interesting site (definitely is an advocacy organization for the EM speciality, however it is a new take of things after hearing years worth of "there are no real medical emergencies, just back pain at 2 AM" and "emergency rooms are just primary care for the uninsured")...
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    what should i expect on my first emt-b class

    It could vary widely based on if it is a private tech school, a college based class, etc. If, like me, you will go to a college based EMT class, you can expect a class that is much easier in difficulty and much less of a time commitment than most other classes offered at the college level...
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    Taking Blood Glucose - Scope of Practice

    That has already happened, in my own neighborhood. I agree with JP, and would like to add the following. EMTs can transport patients on PCA. Just because you have a RN, or Paramedic, or Pharmacist, or Physician, does not make you...
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    Medic Student guide to Field Rotations

    delete. If I have nothing nice to say, might as well not say it.
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    Whacker backpack/sling?

    Is there a psychological malfunction/disease where someone is abnormally fixated and obsessed with inanimate EMS equipment? Go spend your money going out with friends or take your family out to dinner. Geesh.
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    Stretched ears in the EMS profession

    Actually... they are. (; As far as getting a job as an EMT or Paramedic, or as another health care professional in the hospital, you are shooting yourself in the foot. I have seen one EMT in Los Angeles with a gauged ear but he worked for a transfer company, probably the only one that would...
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    PROBELLS acronym

    Like I VINDICATE? For etiologies? Idiopathic, Iatrogenic Vascular Infectious Neoplastic Degenerative, Drugs Inflammatory Congenital Autoimmune Traumatic Endocrinal and metabolic Allergic
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    Testicle Pain

    Cool scenario. My thinking was torsion.
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    Dr. Oz how to save a life-what would you do different?

    niiceee. A bunch of EMTs and Paramedics criticizing a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon on his advice for cardiac emergencies.
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    Taking Blood Glucose - Scope of Practice

    Who? Santa Barbara or Ventura? It is definitely not going to happen down here in Ventura and many in SBC are going to protest this. I am hoping Salvucci will pass on getting EMTs do anything more than what they are allowed to do now, which is already far to much for their amount of education...
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    PT Treatment, Care, and PRC writing tips

    S: Dispatch Info (it is subjective because of the EMD interview) c/c HPI (OPQRST) and then the"sample" Allergies Medications Past Hx (including family, social, medical, and surgical) Last oral intake if appropriate (including fluid intake prn) Review of systems (is there nausea...
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    does anyone have any experience with this book?

    "THE" Emergency Medicine book: