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    New York EMT exam

    I did not take the exam yet. But according to my friends, the exam is easy as long as you study well. :) goodluck
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    I think Ipads would be a great option. :)
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    welcome to the digital world

    what do you think of electronic health records? isn't it rad how technology has made our life less chaotic? Gone are the days when health practitioners solely rely on paper charts and medical books to find the best treatment plan for their patients. does your doctor use EHRs?
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    Pain from standing and walking too much

    put ice on your legs when you get home and elevate it.
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    How do you handle your stress?

    i go on a vacation to de-stress (if i have the time), i also go hiking and running.
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    Pain from standing and walking too much

    I agree. You need to check the soles of your footwear as this determines how you land on the ground. For your inquiry, try RICE- Rest, Ice compression and elevation. :)
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    Lower back maintenance

    Try to perform a 3-5 minute planking daily- This will increase the tone of your ab/back muscle. Just sharing because my doctor recommended me to perform this exercise.
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    Does Chinese pharmacist use E-prescription?

    I found an article on Facebook that few Chinese (pharmacists) are already using healthcare software to address patient's needs. The information was not explained in detailed but I am going to continue searching to find answers about my inquiry. Anyway, TY :)
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    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    choose Littman. :)
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    Does Chinese pharmacist use E-prescription?

    E-prescribing is widely used in different states especially in NY. I am just wondering if Chinese uses this also? Sounds awkward though but I just wanna know how they do it? What kind of medium do they use? TIA
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    What are your Health tips?

    I love eating and it's not always healthy. I enjoy sweets and I'm not talking about fruits, either. LoL. Getting healthy WAS a struggle for me. I didn't gain too much weight while eating what I wanted but I got worried about what might become of me when I get older. Will I even see my grand...
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    20 weeks pregnant?

    I'm with my sister-in-law right now. We are discussing about her 5 months of pregnancy. I think, that would be 20 weeks. Actually, she is relating to me some changes on her behavior which we can't understand. Anything we still need to know about it? We'll appreciate if you could share your...
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    List of foods NOT to eat in the bus (for partners who don't know)

    There a lot of foods that we should not bring and eat while riding a bus. Some of these are sandwiches with greasy sauce, most burritos, ice cream and tacos. An alternative to these are snacks that are well packed especially on a road trip.
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    Glasses vs. Contacts

    Actually, it would really depend on your needs and preferences. I used to have contacts but not this time. By the way, I'm wearing eye glasses because I do have astigmatism and I'm advised by my optometrist that it would be better for me.
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    Nope, I'm not a vegetarian but I do like eating vegetable salad. It's quite easy to prepare and requires no cooking at all.
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    Back after a while of being offline

    Likewise Titmouse! I'm also back here. Welcome to all like new and let us start reading some new topics again and participate as well. Have a nice day everyone!
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    Public or Hybrid Clouds for Business?

    Hi to everyone! I just want to get information about clouds in terms of technology in business. You know, I want to learn more in terms of internet terminology. I might be needing this soon. My family is starting another business. I'll be in charge to manage it and I notice that everyone is...
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    What are your Health tips?

    Hi, I don't usually workout but when I get to do some , I resort to stationary biking and thread mill. For my meals, I already have limitations in eating fatty foods because I already had my laparascopic cholecystectomy. It is a kind of surgery where my gallbladder was remove. I'm more into...
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    sport for fitness

    For me it's swimming, I really enjoyed being in the water plus it's a good exercise. :)
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    work work work

    You're right it does always seem like a competition....not that it has to be. I used to work in IT with Parachute and it was awesome. I was just going through some old paperwork and was thinking about it.