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    Vaccine requirements in New Jersey

    Likely employer specific. speak to your employer or prospective employer.
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    That's it... I'm done... no more 911 for me

    Honestly, I'm not sure, but I will be spending more time with the family. And enjoy watching my son grow up... and hopefully keep him out of trouble, a task much harder than it sounds. I still have my full-time job in the private sector which pays the bills and gives me more grey hair every...
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    That's it... I'm done... no more 911 for me

    I just met with my chief, and gave him my resignation. I've been on vehicle with flashing red lights for almost 25 years now, in various capacities (paid and volunteer, full time and part time, ambulances and fire trucks, even a few stops in communications along the way), and it's no longer...
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    Assessment Question

    This is actually a really good question... because different providers have different opinions, and the guidelines have changed over the years. View them? Which is more important? fixing and ABC issues, or performing interventions? EMT class and NREMT testing is a little more rigid than what...
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    Quick exit

    Chris, Take advantage of your agency's mental health options... some have programs to put you in touch with a professional, and will provide you a few free sessions. calls with bad outcomes for kids are rough; suicide calls take it to another level; it's ok to not be ok. Many of us have...
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    Pupils in head injuries

    @CCCSD can be a jerk... he and I have disagreed on many topics. But, in this case, he's not wrong. Many of the questions you are asking are basic questions, ones that should have been answered in your class. In fact, based on the questions you are asking, I'd want him to treat my family...
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    Duty to Act?

    Taking a CPR class two years ago and staying calm and remembering what to do during an actual emergency are two different things. How was the crew slow to respond? you are in a contained area, and if you shout your son isn't breathing, I don't think anyone will ignore you... If someone is not...
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    Blood pressure

    Let's review: Why do you assess peoples pupils with possible head injuries that are fully alert and oriented? this is a pretty basic question what do you do as far as supplemental o2 when the spo2 and presentation don’t match? this is a pretty basic questions What should you do as far as...
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    Blood pressure

    1) have you had your ears checked? serious question, as if you have a physical disability that needs to be corrected, no "tips" will help. 2) How well do you know A&P? the reason i ask is many people put the head of the scope in the wrong area... many people put the scope directly in the...
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    Pleural effusion

    That's a great question... you should ask your instructor or read your text book...
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    Supplemental oxygen
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    Shortness of breath

    As per my EMT book, high flow oxygen at 15LPM via a NRB, and rapid transport to definitive care. Although, my EMT textbook might be a bit dated by now.
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    How about that

    Let me see if I have this right... your medic considered the patient so unstable that they warranted an emergent transport, but not stable enough to push for an IV? do you think if the patient's sugar was so low, that an IV could have provided an intervention that would have stabilized the...
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    How about that

    I know FDNY used to do that... but I had hoped they stopped... it's the epitome of rush / rush / rush / lights / sirens just to back into someone else's station... I can see if they were responding to a call in another area, but how do you justify your actions if a crash occurs?
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    NYS reciprocity

    Maybe you can try to get a NJ reciprocity, and then use your NJ card to get NYS reciprocity? IDK what the rules are, it's been almost two decades since I obtained my reciprocity for NYS Do you work in NYS, or want to work in NYS, or do you now live in NYS? Because it sounds like you are...
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    Nebulized Saline for Stridor

    When my son had croup attacks (always in the middle of the night, and 95% of the time pretty severe), we drove him to the ER (and once to urgent care, that was a disaster, and they called 911 on us, and called for an ambulance). He would get them about once a month, so after the 3rd time, the...
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    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    Honestly, I don't care. EMS service is the responsibility of the AHJ, in this case, the town administrators and the elected leaders. Having your own EMS system is not cheap, so if the town is ok with the EMS agency coming from other cities or having 15-20 minutes, that is their choice...
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    This kid is doing things that we can never dream of

    very very interesting.... Am I the only one who has ever heard a dispatch go out, and immediately knew 1) who the patient was and 2) what their complaint was, based solely on the location and time of day? Still, I think this is pretty awesome... AI and big data can help make dispatch...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Saturday evening I submitted my final assignment for my masters... Sunday morning I received my passing grade, and have completed all of my courses. graduation and a masters degree in my hands, here I come!