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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    This one shut up when the dispatcher responded to him.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Just heard this on our county fire dispatch channel. Some one was keying up and saying "I know" in a creepy voice like in a horror movie. Unknown: I know. Unknown: I know. Unknown: I know. Dispatch: What color is my shirt?
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    UHF or VHF

    All county fire and rescue squads are on VHF and EMS is on the statewide 800mhz system.
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    Cop arrests firefighter while on-scene!!!!!

    Around here if the FD is on scene of any MVA, injuries or no injuries, they are in command.
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    Non-EMS section

    Also, if you do decide to add a general topics forum you could set it like another forum I visit so the posts in the general topics forum do not count towards the post count.
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    It's an EMTLife Christmas Miracle!?

    I thought something was wrong with my screen until I saw this post. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Happy Holidays from EMTLife

    Merry Christmas
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    Blue Lights.

    In my county all Fire/EMS/Rescue run either Red or Red/Clear and all police run Blue or Blue/Clear.