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    Cool, thanks for the replies.


    I was just curious if there was a known generalized bias against fire medics or not in HEMS. I guess I got my answer in that most on here haven't recognized that in their experience. I'd be curious to hear more about the California issue considering that's where I actually live. Part of the...

    The Future of EMS

    I don't know about by 2020, but unfortunately in the future perhaps for us I imagine we will see more automation.
  4. SAREMT online

    I'm bumping an old thread, but seeing as how you guys actually have attended this program I'd like to ask a question. Did 10 days seem like an inadequate amount of time to learn skills. Did you feel inadequately prepared for clinical or field time?

    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    I think another thing to consider with the definition of "progressive" is the autonomy of decision making with regard to treatment, transport, and referral. I come from a system that only recently began dispatching nonemergent calls as code 2 and does not enable any sort of community...


    Has anyone heard of HEMS companies having a bias against people with fire backgrounds?

    Experience with Hall Ambulance?

    I have fantasies of leaving my fire aspirations behind and working for Hall just looking at these forums.

    New EMT-B first job

    This ^ nobody likes medical batman. You will have an FTO who will specifically spend the next 15 or so shifts with you attempting to make you street ready. Learn as much as you can from them. Keep up a good work ethic and positive attitude. Unfortunately this field has a lot of negative...

    EMS/EMT Jobs in WA State

    I understand your pain. I'm down in CA, and I've looked at moving to the area for a while. My girlfriend lives in the area only on the ID side of the border, so I've researched the area quite a bit. For a paid EMS gig in the area as an EMT-B, Spokane AMR is about your best bet. The problem is...
  10. SAREMT

    NMETC Online

    Yeah, I just meant that ten days seems like a short amount of time to actually get to practice skills.
  11. SAREMT

    Wilderness EMS opportunities, where are they?

    I worked as a seasonal employee for a state park service where we did SAR and EMS, but it was BLS and all on foot unless we happened to hitch a ride with a helo. As far as I know, NPS, rural Fire, and rural ambulance services that do things like rope rescue are the best bets for paid wilderness...
  12. SAREMT

    NMETC Online

    I just posted about this program, I look down, and boom I see this post. Have you guys started your program? I'm really considering the May class. The main concern for me is skills, but it really seems to be my only option with work if I want to attend medic school any time in the next two...
  13. SAREMT

    Considering NMETC Hybrid/Online Medic Program

    Hey guys, I know there are a couple of threads discussing the program on here already. I'm considering attending the program and would like to know if anyone on here has attended that might be able to answer some questions or pass on some advice. As of right now, the main concern for me is...
  14. SAREMT

    New to the forum. I hope I don't put my foot in my mouth.

    New to the forum. I hope I don't put my foot in my mouth.
  15. SAREMT

    Any interesting anecdotes about interference with patient care from a CNA, lifegurad, etc.?

    I have no idea what this person's certification was or where she worked, but I one time was screamed at by a "nurse" that I didn't know what I was doing and that I couldn't possibly be getting a blood pressure without a stethoscope while I palpated a blood pressure in the middle of a crowd at a...
  16. SAREMT

    Best State for EMS (all around).

    I appreciate this post about NY. I've been considering FDNY EMS for some time now, and the fact that as a medic I would get to see more high acuity calls and do the job actually steers me a little closer that way.
  17. SAREMT

    Law Enforcement / Medic

    California Highway Patrol utilizes paramedic/LEO's on some of their helicopters as flight officers. I know a guy who was a paramedic flight officer for many years. He saw ALOT of good trauma at the off road vehicle parks, and they worked with us alot on rescues in the backcountry. They will also...
  18. SAREMT

    Transitioning to civilian medical career (USMC)

    PM me if you want to talk more in depth. This is basically the track you need to go. EMT first, go to a fire academy, get an EMT job or start volunteering to get experience, start knocking out any prerequisites for medic school while working as an EMT/volunteering/reserving at an FD, go to medic...
  19. SAREMT

    Hey man, PM me. You work at AMR PS?

    Hey man, PM me. You work at AMR PS?
  20. SAREMT

    AMR Spokane

    Hey all, So I'm looking at doing an internal transfer to AMR Spokane sometime close within the future. Does anyone currently working there have input? I'm an EMT looking at attending medic school while working there at INHS. What do you like/dislike about it and why?