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  1. VFFforpeople

    mad dies after calling 911 10 times

    I am just kinda taking in the situation, lets see to start: At least one of the EMS workers must have lived there for Xamount of years and knows it snows. If you can drive in it, I am fairly sure you can walk in it, unless they are driving monster truck boxes How many unsafe things do...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Alright to give a little fun poke back to ya hehe (all friendly). So, sitting at my station listening to the radio when me and a few guys hear: Medic:"XX Base hospital" Hospital: "xxx go ahead" Medic:"We have a 50/1/49 1/2"
  3. VFFforpeople

    How to be a Disaster Volunteer

    Had an FF from our station go over, he served LEO for years and has been in public saftey and USCG before I was born. He also is a very smart and well organized. He planed out his food intake, water consumption, down the the bare minimum. They were traveling on buses, going to gang memeber run...
  4. VFFforpeople

    LPN's Being Left Go

    In a world where education is affordable and the aide is there I can see where a BA would be easier to obtain. I see this in the ems world as well EMT-I is gone in CA (yes there is one place that teaches it in all of CA) EMT is getting a tiny upgrade and medic is getting a huge overhaul. The...
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    You did WHAT with THAT?!

    That right there is just...I mean how? why would you put your finger on the trigger to pull it out? HAHAHA I love people sometimes.
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    ems discounts on food and stuff

    The dennys in my city give discounts (lucky it is the good one..not the bad one lol). Also, allstate gives me a discount. I just have to show my fire ID and it is posted in the door (at dennys), so I didnt demand it. The local steak house gives a discount as well, and last summer we got a free...
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    Why do we do it?

    I have done a few different jobs, but this one feels right. It is my career and my chance to give back. I dont see me as special or anything, in fact truck drivers are my heros that is a special breed. I enjoy the learning and advancments going on in the field. like the post about the new...
  8. VFFforpeople

    Long time lurker, First time poster

    Firetender has it right lol LEO in front haha. I am glad to see you on board and welcome to the mess that we all love.
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    Drunk Man steals ambulance with patient and crew inside

    I dont know if I could be overly mad at the guy. I mean that took so much pure stupidity or ETOH that I would probably laugh and make for a great story. Only because no one was seriously injured or killed.
  10. VFFforpeople

    Troopers Miss Man's Body At Crash Scene

    I see your point in the searching for a body. 100yds is a long way for a body to fly, and I dont know the area but if there are walls or K-rail and he went behind it, either flew or jumped thats his bad day. The FHP did his search that was in his SoP and went back to his job. Life happens is it...
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    how would you assess this guy?

    umm, well down side is a beer wont fix this I guess C-spine, and backboard, and yes check ABCs after I check my saftey with that dog running around. Call in LEO and what not because I suspect drugs are involved somewhere in this. The classic 02 rapid transport, asses while going to the...
  12. VFFforpeople

    5.11 ATAC 8" boot?

    I bought the $130 ATAC "storm" boots, I love them with the pathogen barrier. Awesome boots will buy them till they stop making em..though next time I may spend the money and buy the $160 pair.
  13. VFFforpeople

    the 100% directionless thread

    Copy that, I just see failure when I see him..and that smile...ya I dont see me having any form of paid medical/fire job anytime soon.
  14. VFFforpeople

    the 100% directionless thread

    I hear ya I signed up for HazMat B-D and it was cancelled :/ and the college now doesnt offer RS1 or swiftwater anymore.
  15. VFFforpeople

    Stronger pen lights?

    I used an LED on a PT..they didn't like that so much and pretty much refused the rest of my care. I went back to regular bulbs.
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    You did WHAT with THAT?!

    So..Now I know how that will turn out. Looks like I wont try that plan then lol. I wonder what people think before they attempt things like this? Like hmm, today I will inject viagra into my private area. Tomorrow I will stick it in a light socket to see if the charge will keep it erect. (If I...
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    Caffeine Poisoning Calls Pour In

    If your going to do it, do it right I guess LOL!! Ya I can see the dangers in this but like stated already it can hit people many different ways. I drank 2 redlines and really didnt effect me. Where as I had a friend drink one and was wired for what seemed like 2 days (really I think maybe...
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    Smoker or Non?

    I am a chewer Cope long cut.
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    HAHA Now, look who has disapeared, how are you?

    HAHA Now, look who has disapeared, how are you?
  20. VFFforpeople

    Been around lol, you stopped emailing me. I have been alright, just loaded down with school and...

    Been around lol, you stopped emailing me. I have been alright, just loaded down with school and car problems. how have you been.