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    Calling all Texans!!!

    I live in San Antonio, its nice and hot down here. Like Linuss said about DFW, you can get to anything you want up there.
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    Things left behind.....

    D tank outside of a facility. I can't even remember why I took it off the stretcher in the first place (Im sure it was a really good reason :blink: ). Realized it about 4 miles down the road. My partner and I had a good laugh about it beings that it was about 4 AM.
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    Living the dream :-) (or trying to) and you?

    Living the dream :-) (or trying to) and you?
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    Hi How are you? :)

    Hi How are you? :)
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    Cool, and thanks for the add :)

    Cool, and thanks for the add :)
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    We all make mistakes

    But this unfortunate slip-up happened on Discovery Health's "Code Blue" I snagged it off my digi-cam so sorry for the quality (lack there-of). What was that GCS score again?
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    Who would you LIKE to partner with?

    Christopher Walken. Of course pt assessment would probably take a while with his lack of punctuation and his mid sentence pauses.
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    Texas folks

    Im in San Antonio, and saw nothing of the hurricane. What did you end up doing in Austin anyhow?
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    NREMTB. I could have sworn it was 60. I could be way wrong, it has been a while, my apologies for the possible false info there.
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    BSI - What do you do?

    I always wear gloves. I consider everything else is if it is necessary for the situation.
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    Hey everyone!

    Good luck on your NR! :)
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    silly question - Pens

    I use my company issued pen with their logo on it. I usually grab 3 at the start of my shift, and by the end of my shift I'm down to 1... never fails
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    what is your trigger for runs

    The "Q" word or someone muttering something about the number of calls that day.
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    High fever.... 98.7 when I checked, apparently it had been 102 ALL day.....
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    Took test today

    So how'd you do? Edit: Nevermind, read a few more threads. Congrats!
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    Could I have passed?

    Very cool, congrats! I was stressed when I took mine too as it seemed really short.... but as I learned, that doesnt mean anything.
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    70 Minutes or questions?
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    Hello, been a registered member for a while just never had anything interesting to say. I normally just read everyones posts from time to time so finally thought I would say hi. EMT-B from Texas, certified for about 7 months :)
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    Is EMS really right for you?

    Apparently I'm supposed to be another Satan.... not good..... I'm sure the pay sucks....