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  1. EMT

    What is it a paramedic does?

    EMT-P= ALS. Thats all their is to it.
  2. EMT

    Laptops in Ambulances - Advice Needed

    We still are rocking old school with the paper PCR's. You guys must have a good amount of calls for them to fund that much?
  3. EMT

    NJ Ambulance Crash Claims Life of Patient in Back

    Very strange.. on a pretty straight county road? Now i will think twice before i boast about our drivers.
  4. EMT

    Should your jacket be black or green?

    Of course a bright extremely visible jacket with DOT reflective striping. Why would you not want to be seen? Besides, DOT's lime green EMT jackets are not too bad looking.
  5. EMT

    Laptops in Ambulances - Advice Needed

    Of course, i would as well. What else do they give you guys?
  6. EMT

    Martial Arts

    I did Taekwondo for 6 years. Made it to first degree then dropped out due to the fact that i have no time anymore.
  7. EMT

    Laptops in Ambulances - Advice Needed

    Ah lucky you! We are privately owned and operated, we buy all of our stuff.
  8. EMT

    Petition for Colorado EMS licence plates?

    Thats a bummer, our corp. gets plates after we get our CPR cert. We don't even need to be EMTs!
  9. EMT

    Does your department have a web site?
  10. EMT

    Laptops in Ambulances - Advice Needed

    Yeah we use tough books too.
  11. EMT

    On call pay???

    Not quite sure what town it is but there is a town nearby mine that pays on call EMTs 15$ a hour calls or no calls.
  12. EMT

    Who was on duty for NYE?

    There was a lot of calls in Bergen County, NJ. First call of 2010 was around 1 am. Three others followed shortly after.
  13. EMT

    What do you all have on your personal vehicles

    A note to start- Yes, i am a Whacker (and proud). Here are my excuses for having a blue LED lightbar in my back window, a blue strobe and two blue LED dashlights... where i live the roads are constantly constipated by hundreds of bad drivers. Once i flick on my lights, the road parts like the...
  14. EMT

    Where is everyone from?

    The great town of Westwood located in Bergen County, New Jersey.
  15. EMT

    What made you join EMS?

    This made me laugh because that was the first thing i wanted to do. I matured more now, i am more in it to help my community and the towns that surround it. My aunt (whom is a EMT- I.) taught me a lot of stuff and gave me one of her old text books to study from. Through my fascination of reading...
  16. EMT

    EMT-B, no experience, looking for first job/volunteer work in Colorado. Help..please?

    You need to volunteer first, employment comes next. And usually employing ambulance corps. want 2 years, not one. Good Luck, Dillon