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    Nebraska Paramedic/EMT Opening

    Have an opening for a Paramedic/EMT on the Santee Sioux Reservation in Northeast Nebraska. Pay ranges from 42, 000 - 50,000 for EMTs to $52,000 - $62,000 for Paramedics. We utilize 24 hour shifts for scheduling with some providers choosing to work 48/96+. We run 320 calls per year with no...
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    Shift Bidding

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    Shift Bidding

    If you were interested in part time, they want you to work at least 4 shifts a month. These include street shifts and event standbys like concerts, football games, ect. I'm sure they just need to reopen the posting as I am sure it has expired by now. We also have a few full time EMT moving up to...
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    Shift Bidding

    Right now, there are five day shifts and three night shifts that were bid out by seniority. Your seniority is based on when you were credentialed as an EMT/Paramedic under the Sioux Falls Regional EMS Authority. Your shift will stay the same until another one comes open and you have the...
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    SOOO confused over EMT levels

    The only thing the state EMS office manages now are EMT certification/recertification and ambulance service licensing. The South Dakota Osteopathic Board of Medical Examiners now handles AEMT and Paramedic certification a.k.a your state licensure. You have the option of either renewing your...
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    New to EMS...concerned about my company's policies-help!?

    They should have just told you that if you're involved in an accident while driving a company vehicle, break out the Astroglide because you're about to get screwed! Judging the situation with the information you provided, their policy seems "sketchy". Also, Uniform policies vary from service to...
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    Paramedics Plus Physical Requirements

    Awesome! If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.
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    Paramedics Plus Physical Requirements

    I believe the shifts will be staggered if I remember correctly from the meet and greet meetings we had with them in November. Current employees R/M employees have orientation coming up here in mid-April so we will know more by then.