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    Making the transition from volly to career

    Done!! And, I got a GREAT job in EMS education and picked up more shifts as a FF/AEMT.... I made the transition.
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    ALS or BLS?

    Paramedics are like guns. When you NEED them... you NEED them FAST!! I should clarify that my comment about how we staff is at a Municiple Fire/EMS service where FF is required regardless of license level.
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    Making the transition from volly to career

    Thanks guys and gals... I am a FF as well... I have the State certification, and most FFII modules. There are a couple of opennings in my area. I also have a screen printing shop collecting dust in my basement. I am sitting at my desk right now, waiting for the Gustapo to come and take me away :)
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    Making the transition from volly to career

    That is my goal. I am hoping at 45 I can get in somewhere.
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    ALS or BLS?

    No arguments here DR.... It is just how we staff. We try to staff MEDIC / DRIVER and the Driver is selected in order of AEMT -> EMT -> Non licensed So, on a day with a MEDIC all calls get ALS... on days with no medic, we just go Mutial Aid down the line to the hospital.
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    Making the transition from volly to career

    At 45... what am I crazy? No... I'm a victim of my own success is what I am. I am the IT Program Manager for the Oncology Department of my local health system. For the past 20 years I have been chasing money. At 40-60K a year my quality of life improved. At 60-80K a year it worstened. At 90+...
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    ALS or BLS?

    It depends on what your protocols say.... In Maine, the EMT-B is directed to call for ALS in the majority of calls. The AEMT is allowed to negotiate with OLMC. The medics are medics. all of that said, the majority of calls we get could be BLS, but with a 35-60 minute transport the patients...
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    Dealing with the facts of life

    I dont look at Code 1, 2 and 3 as how fast we can drive... it is what all about using lights and sirens. In Maine, there is really only 1 and 2 as you cannot drive with just lights and no sirens. We always respond code 3 because dispatch is not always correct in the information. But, that does...
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    Why EMS instead of MD/Nurse/Other profession?

    They call them patients where I work :)
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    MCI Training-Do You Have Enough?

    If you mean, during an MCI... No. There are 3 Full time staffed departments in the greater portland area, and to get to my town you go through 5 towns with daytime per-diem crews. We would likley be station coverage/mutual aid for the towns they would call.
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    MCI Training-Do You Have Enough?

    It is all relative to the likely hood of having an MCI... In my town... we have done it once in about 6 years, but have not had an MCI in about 15, and none document before that school bus accident. 30 Minutes east, in Portland they have a large drill at the air port/Maine Medical Center...
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    nausea in the crash seat

    lol... both... when we go mutual aid to our neighboring service, and take the backroads (windey and hilly) to the hospital in their district I sometimes get queezey if it is a mundane call with nothing to do but chart. But, I will be 30-60 minutes in the ambulance.
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    Can any flight medics share anything interesting?

    I am not a flight medic but I used one for a funny one liner over the weekend.... I was giving my report to the triage nurse, when a life flight medic walked by and acted like he was pushing the button on my LP12 and said "Shock Adviced"... and I said "Hey, I dont go messing around with the...
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    ems sticker in your car window?

    My truck has a plate but I have the luxury of only needing to use my vehicle for responses to the FD or weekend truck related duties... I have a different vehicle I use the rest of the time.... All either have for stickers are NRA stickers.
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    The right words

    Our protocols do not allow that anymore. (Maine) I find that it is not only what you say, but what you do. If the person is so grief stricken they cannot stand... help them safely sit down. If they are agitated and expressing anger...give them space. We are all humans and even though we...
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    EMT weight lift requirements

    Oly Lifts.... Deadlifts, squats, cleans/presses, jump squats, High Pulls, etc... These are all good execises for functional strength requirements such as EMS/Fire. These will all give you what you are searching for. Just do it right. I assume you are young, so recovery should not be a...
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    It's been a year since my EMT class, and I just got hired on.

    Make sure you have a copy of the protocols and just run through the common scenarios you may face in your head. I have been doing this since 2008, so I am a newbie too... I spend at least half of every one of my shifts going over material with my partner. Just relax, and remember your...
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    What makes a good medic?

    What I consider a good medic... 1st and foremost. "They know what to do...." They handle every situation professionally and with dignity. And when they dont know what to do they use decision making skills that take into consideration the protocols, the situation and their training. 2nd...
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    Need Help: Texan with Criminal History

    Good advice... talk to a lawyer.... When I was a yoot, many decades ago I was busted, lied, charged with criminal impersonation then left the state on my own ecognizance. I then moved on to college, a nice career, family, etc... Well... about 15 years ago I decided I wanted to have a CCW...
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    Author looking for an EMT's advice

    We are not pieces of meat ya know :) We need to be wooed a little bit. We save lives on a dailey basis, and put our selves in great harm every day so it is hard to get us to open up to strangers :rofl: