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  1. Pond Life

    From zero to hero

    Hello Issabel, If you go to this link it will give you every university recognised by the HCPC (registered body for paramedics). Those the Univesity either newest you or where you would like work and enquire from there. Most Universities will now take on candidates with no experience. There are...
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    Struggling with King County Medic One

    I would be asking your AMR colleagues if they are having similar experiences and if so is there a pattern. If there is a consensus that there's an issue with KCM1 medics then collectively you need to kick it upstairs to your line manager who will deal with it at that level. On a personal level...
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    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    On the whole most paramedics pay for their own degrees here in the UK. The Para degree costs about £14K ($18K) but if you're sensible you often find grants for all degrees and courses after that. If you stay int eh ambulance service your pay will remain low. But go outside of the service and it...
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    London Ambulance Hiring: need assistance There are a couple of you guys already on there. I'm one the admins on the group - so any problems jus PM me.
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    London Ambulance Hiring: need assistance

    I can post a link to a informative UK forum if admin are ok with that?
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    Paramedics, nurses and pharmacists will be able to train as doctors in just three years under post-Brexit plans to tackle NHS staffing crisis

    I'm an advanced paramedic working in out-of-hours GP (doctors) community services. I have exactly the same scope of practice as a doctor within my role with one exception - i am unable to section a patient under the mental health act. Otherwise the drugs I can supply, clinical pathways into...
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    Pain Score and Analgesia

    I 100% agree with this being absurd but somehow it has crept into our patient care assessment culture. In the UK most services have electronic clinical record and we are expected to complete all the boxes - pain score being one. Failure to do so leaves us vulnerable. I tend not to follow this...
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    Pain Score and Analgesia

    Hi all, Interesting debate I'm having at present on a UK forum and wondered what you guys in the States would do in this scenario... Get called to a patient who when asked about pain score 0-10 replies its 20/10 as he/she is laughing on the cell phone to her friends about an incident that has...
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    CCT in Fly-cars

    Don't shoot the messenger - just relaying what those upstairs told me whats going to happen. Here is a recent paper citing a move away from penetrating chest trauma only for CST and adopting it for blunt trauma cardiac arrest.
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    CCT in Fly-cars

    Quite agree, I think its a daft idea and unachievable - the tutor couldn't grasp why we thought it wasn't going to work. May do in London where you have HEMS doctors on cars and helicopters a few minutes away. But I live in a remote area of the UK were distances b road to an incident is often...
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    CCT in Fly-cars

    Ive just completed an annual update with my service and we have been told that if a patient has blunt chest trauma cardiac arrest or peri-arrest that we are to notify HEMS immediately and if doctor on board they will come along and do a roadside clamshell thoracotomy with damage control surgery...
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    U.S. Paramedic to Ireland

    I just had a quick chat and I am right - different education system. Contact these guys - they will give you guidance...
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    U.S. Paramedic to Ireland

    Hi, I think Ireland (Eire as opposed to Northern Ireland) are a little different from the UK as far as education and recruitment are concerned. May be worth asking this question on the UK version of this discussion site. See what comes back. In the mean time I'll...
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    Paramedic Research Paper

    Hi, when you say at least seven pages - is there a word count to this? Seven pages is extremely small for a paper and you will need to be very specific (focused) on what you are writing about. An example of this would be a topic that is currently being discussed on this forum - "Do alcohol swabs...
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    I have been told that the strips have a substance on it that can adversely be affected by alcohol, giving false low readings - I have no evidence of this but my service no longer recommends the use of alcohol swaps, We now use water on a gauze swab
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    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    Perhaps progressive should encompass the freedom to act autonomously across the whole of the paramedic scope of practice. Or maybe it could mean that the paramedics develop their own areas of practice. Perhaps even allow the paramedic to make the decision not to transport to ED in all but the...
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    International Medic Blogs

    Daily occurrence in many ambulance services of stacking 20 or more 999 calls with no resources, response cars waiting on scene for ambulances with time critical patients for over an hour (my longest was 2 1/2 with a kid suffering status seizures), non time critical patients being left for well...
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    Incentive to fitness

    Thank you all, some very good advise. I'll have a chat at my local gym and see what they say. Need to make sure the trainer understands the limitation of injury on exercise. I've been there before where you have a 25 year old not understanding that someone twice their age can't do crunches and...
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    US Paramedic registering with the HCPC in UK

    thanks so much. I'll let him know
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    Incentive to fitness

    Unfortunately not - 28 miles each way