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    ER Paramedic Positions, Florida

    Yeah I know it's pretty broad but thanks for the info, at any rate.
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    ER Paramedic Positions, Florida

    Hey All, Been trying to research and find the answer on my own but not finding anything anywhere. I have noticed a number of hospital positions for paramedics, especially in southeastern Florida. Some listed as techs, some just as paramedics, and everything in between. Does anyone...
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    Fellow Floridians!

    Hello, all. Chicagoan here checking out your forum. My girlfriend and I are strongly considering a move to Florida. Analyzing it, pros and cons, all that, but strongly, strongly considering it. There are some things we're kind of waiting on (I'm actually quite close to getting on with Chicago...
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    ATI in chicago?

    You will without a doubt make more money hourly in a hospital. They don't force OT. You can catch a late run and get screwed and be a little late getting off but that's about it. They can technically hold you over for two hours after a shift for coverage if there's a call-off or something...
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    ATI in chicago?

    Pretty much like any other private company; crappy. Decent experience seeing as you work mostly in rougher areas of the city. Pay is the same hourly to start as most places. No call bonuses or bonuses of any kind. Pretty good people working there for the most part. Management's ok but...
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    I plan on moving to Scottsdale, AZ want to know the best places 2 apply as an EMT-B

    They did have a pension at one time. I know that for sure.
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    I plan on moving to Scottsdale, AZ want to know the best places 2 apply as an EMT-B

    All very good information. And you are correct about the EMT-B/Paramedic tandem. About 99% of the time that is how it is in Arizona. There is one fire department that contracts with Southwest that has BLS rigs only for their EMS, no medics. So if you landed there at some point you'd have a...
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    I plan on moving to Scottsdale, AZ want to know the best places 2 apply as an EMT-B

    Aside from Phoenix Fire Department, all of the other cities contract their EMS/ambulances out. There used to be two companies; Southwest Ambulance and PMT. Southwest bought out PMT, though, so Southwest is about it as far as places to work. Being brand new to the company, despite experience...
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    EMT while in paramedic school?

    For those looking for EMT jobs another option is looking at your local hospitals for ER Tech positions. More times than not it actually pays more per hour than a field EMT job and sometimes you'll have an expanded scope i.e. drawing blood, starting IV's, EKG's, etc. Can always leave a tech job...
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    paramedic schools in Chicago

    Harper College's program is done through Northwest Community Hospital. You register through Harper but it's done in accordance with the hospital and medical system to the best of my understanding.
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    Drug Cheat Sheets

    Very good advice. Establish a good line of communication right away with the preceptor and most honest! If you have a question, ask it. If you're not sure about something, ask. You're a student, there's no such thing as too many questions or stupid questions. Ask. Do not...
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    When to intubate

    CPAP is wonderful. Where I worked before they didn't have it prehospital but where I'm at now they do and it's just a great tool to have. Utilize it, because as others have said, that can cut down quite a bit on the act of having to tube someone, let alone other issues it alleviates while being...
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    EMT Certification Description

    This has been my understanding as well. I worked in an ER as a tech, and while I was technically an EMT, I was still enabled to do skills I wouldn't have been able to do in an ambulance/in the field as an EMT, such as drawing blood and starting IV's.
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    Ems employment in chicagoland?
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    Best EMS Organizations

    I have a friend from medic school that works for EMSA in Tulsa and he can't say enough about how much he likes it there and how great of a place it is to work. As for fire department EMS, Chicago Fire Department should be added to the list. They don't score points with regard to...
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    Did working as a CNA help you as an EMT

    Yeah I know, what I was referring to is that his hospital has no CNAs/techs in the ER and being one in the ER would be a lot more beneficial than being one up on the floors even though even working up on the floors would be beneficial as well.
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    Did working as a CNA help you as an EMT

    Working as a tech in the ER would be a lot more beneficial than being a CNA up on the floors, but that's still better than doing nothing at all. It's patient contact, period. So you can learn how to deal with patients and how to talk to them, basic vitals, etc, so it'll help some, but being a...
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    Paramedic to RT

    Agreed, I've seen many in a couple of different states. I know in Arizona the bridge programs allow you to enter nursing school starting at Block 3 I believe it is.
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    Do city employed medics make as much as fire medics?

    Chicago and FDNY you can be a paramedic without being a firefighter. I can't speak for FDNY, I venture they're similar, but in Chicago they hire separately, have their own promotional positions/ranks, etc. You're based in the firehouses and are part of the department, but you're a single role...
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    I agree pretty much on all counts. There are a lot of systems here and for curiosity's sake I'm going to look at others to see what they do. There are some places here that are slow to come around to change and being progressive, and I suspect that's the case in many (not all) big...